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Thanks for playing! 

It's an okay start, definitely needs some tweaking here and there, but still it's a nice idea.

Wow, that's brutal. Game looks nice, but killing frogs doesn't really seem like something I'd personally do on spring, unless its' a sacrifice of some sort.

Thanks for playing and thank you for the kind words! I have a few ideas on improving the game and balancing it a bit more.  :)

Cool art style and a nice game, but quite a lot of clicking. This game proves that farming is hard work and doesn't pay well, I made 50-70$ on my top years. So yeah, I'm certainly not going to become a farmer.

Cool "anti-stress" postcard, though not much of a game. Perhaps it could be turned more game like, if the sakura had to be pressed in a certain order, or a memory game like "find a pair to make the flowers bloom" or something. Very relaxing!

It's quite rough, but with polishing it could be great! A good foundation to expand on.

Nice game. I beat it with my first try, so perhaps it would be a bit more challenging if the goblins could attack from both sides? Still very enjoyable as it is!

A nice game, though a bit too difficult. Maybe adding a one or two more plants could make it a little easier? Or even adding more leaves (that could be different size) to the plants, so if you miss the first one, you could still catch the second. Could become great.


Thanks for playing! Really appreciate it! And you're welcome, glad to hear that it brought you back to your childhood. 

Thanks for playing! There's no timer, as the game ends when the player loses three or more flowers. There is a game over screen, so at least you should know when you've lost. Also, no winning, you just play to get the best score. Thanks for letting me know about the glitch, I'll check the collisions for errors.

Nice small game. The visuals are pretty good. Perhaps there could be a bit more challenge as the game progresses, like the game speeds up, or some other bird/object starts to fly under the player, blocking the egg that you try to drop on the trees drop. Anyway, I still enjoyed the game!

Nice little game with metroidvania like skill/move learning. With such limited time, it is a very impressive start. With more time it could become a good small browser game, with even more skills. Perhaps a few hit points for the player would be nice.

Of course! 

Thank you! 

Thank you for the heads up of the glitch, I'll take a look and try to see what causes it. Thanks for playing! 

The game looks nice and the concept is great and chill. Though personally I think the rounds are too long. By the end of the game the island was overgrown and I was making over 130000 pts/sec. The game should probably end after 8-10 minutes, so there would just be enough time to "finish" and fully grow the island. Also some of the elements are a bit unbalanced, like the animals --> they're cheap, small, easy to place and make lots of points.

Oh and the point counter keeps on rolling after the time ends.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the game! Could become great after a bit of tweaking.

Thanks for playing! Yes, I agree the game might still need some tweaking with the progression and difficulty.

Hey and thanks for playing! 

I made the game for a jam, so time was short and I had to stop working on it s bit unexpectedly, so the game certainly is lacking  in many ways. 

At least some of the fake walls are there on purpose, but as there is no map, it really is like a maze and it is easy to get lost. And as there currently isn't any way to win the game, exploration doesn't really pay off. 

I do have ideas on improving the game and I'm planning to continue working on this project in the future, so do check it out again sometime! 

Thanks for playing. Yes, I agree that there certainly is space for improvements, like motivating the player to keep exploring. The time limit was pretty tight, so I wasn't able to add everything to the game what I was supposed to. Had to skip on the tutorial/manual, and only applied it to the game's description. 

The player is supposed to find a key, to open one of the doors to get out. There's also two eyes to be found, the "ending" depends on how many items the player manages to find.

Happy to hear that you liked it! Thanks for playing! :)

Nice start, but maybe needs a bit more variation to the enemies and traps. Perhaps some power ups could be cool too?

Okay game. Maybe needs a bit more personality. The music is great, reminds me heavily of Slay the Spire.

Hey, thanks for letting me know!  I'll check the download version!

I tried both versions, and they had the same issue; the player wasn't reacting to the cursor at all, nor pressing the mouse buttons. It was like the game couldn't find the mouse at all.

Cool game! Looks really good, I know the time limit was really tight, so obviously some things had to be cut out like some animations and sound effects. But still a really good start!

Nice game. Great job with the shadows.

Nice little game!  Not sure if this game is endless or is there a goal? If it's endless, I personally would add a high score, but that's just me. Great work!

Cool game! Nice work with the lighting!

Pretty cool game. Unfortunately the flashlight didn't work for me either, but hey, flashlights never work on horror movies anyway! Very nice spooky atmosphere.

Hey thanks for playing!

Great start, but I think it certainly needs sound effects for jumping and shooting. The art style is nice for most parts.

Thanks for playing! Yes, I figured that wandering around might get kinda frustrating after a while. I had an idea to make exploring a bit more bearable by adding more wall textures, so it would be more easy to figure out where you are, but the lack of time made me have to skip that part. 

Cool and simple idea! I like the fact that you're sort of your own enemy; got to pay attention on your jumping, so that you won't crash onto your own shadow on the way back.

Nice and simple! Looks and plays good. It's like a halloween themed pacman. Love the retro look!

Great start! Sorry to hear that you had some problems and couldn't finish this project. I agree with Ant Devs, it's a bit difficult to say where I can and cannot walk. Perhaps adding shadows to only walkable platforms (as probably was intented? if so, it didn't work on all platforms :/ ) and making the shadows also a bit more darker. As for the graphics, it looks really nice!

Thanks for trying out my game! Yes, the bell's pitch is random right now and I also had similar ideas about changing the pitch of it when near an item / an item emitting sound when you get closer to it but I failed to add it in time. I'll probably add it to a later version, after the jam is over. 

Great job finding one eye! It ain't so easy navigating when you're blind, eh? :)

Thanks for trying my game! Yes, I agree a tutorial / explanation surely would help. I actually wanted the game to feel like a real maze where you would wander around blindly, without knowing where to go, but the player would learn the layout of the castle by navigating and retrying. I also got lost when testing it out myself. :) I'll check out your game later today!

Great concept and very enjoyable game. Similar to your other puzzle games, as I think it is best enjoyed in short episodes. A couple levels every now and then. Hyvää työtä jälleen!