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Definitely works better now!

The controls were a bit awkward- especially the jumping- but overall it was a fun short game. The architecture of the levels really is the star of the show here, and the dynamic lighting was particularly well used in some areas.

I didn't have a controller so I couldn't get very far, but I like the aesthetic!

Getting those two wizapart is gonna be some trouble!

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Update for v1: The game is now properly playable, and completable. It is very visually stylish (I love the title screen in particular) and the bouncy animation makes the whole thing feel very alive. The music is pretty much perfect for  the tempo of the game action. The characters are all adorable.

The dash was a great addition, and the three hit combo is still very nice feeling. Figuring out how to make use of the ranged attacks was tricky, and I think that it might've worked better without needing to hold E to switch to ranged mode- as it was, I completed the game without using ranged at all before figuring it out, so it probably isn't a huge deal.

With melee, it took some getting used to the mouse being used for attack but not aiming(more similar to a gamepad style, I think?) but once I was used to it it worked just fine.

Gauging progress and where I needed to go next was tricky but (I think) I figured it out by the end- enough to complete the game, at least! The health display did not update but health restore flowers seemed to be plentiful enough to not worry too much about it.

The menu has a few functions that don't do anything, but a working menu at all is pretty uncommon for gamejam entries!

The only serious bug was that if you die while holding a mouse button the menus seem to no longer take mouse input(it just plays an attack noise when you click).

Initial release: A shame about the broken interface, since it is a cute game and I like the concept. I couldn't really use the map properly but I see what you were going for. The three attack combo is very nice.

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The download seems to have two copies of the resource folder. Doesn't seem to break anything but almost doubles the size of it.

Pretty straightforward design, though the interface was a bit slow for this sort of interaction. It is a bit hard to tell the metrics being used(aside from orientation)- I'm guessing from the theme that it is supposed to be a sort of balance of opposites rather than matches but that doesn't come through much in game. Some level of visible scoring might help, there.

I also noticed that while my first half dozen folks were gay, the game threw mostly straight folks at them; not necessarily unrealistic considering demographics, but a bit awkward when that's the least interesting pairing metric.

WebGL issues aside, it is a cute concept. The Fire Sorcerer reminds me of the giants from Nausicaa.

Yeah, an executable version would probably make it easier.

It was a bit difficult to tell visually what row I was on at first, which made the controls a little awkward- but but the puzzle concept is solid and I got used to it soon enough to have some fun.

I enjoyed it, though the single biggest change I'd make is to add some sort of indicator as to which color is being currently placed.

A fun idea. 

Neat take on the concept!

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Cute prototype!

Update: The edits definitely help.

The art style is interesting and took me a while to get into, but it fits really well. The ambiance was excellent, especially for a jam game.

The procedural puzzles are a neat idea that seems to have worked well, though it makes me wonder just how much the smooth difficulty curve I had was through luck and how much was design.

Cute demo- it would have been nicer to have a clear ending, though.

Exiting the options menu on windows seems to crash the webplayer. Just like the real Ohio.

Short, but suitably creepy. It felt like the concept could definitely be expanded on.

Not really my type of game so I have trouble judging how well the gameplay elements work, but it definitely has a great atmosphere and the use of the x but y theme is fantastic. I could see it making a full game with such good ideas.

Really fun little game with a great aesthetic, and incredibly catchy music!

A fun version of traffic and wonderful aesthetic.

Fun and super stylish, with great music!