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A member registered Oct 11, 2022

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that was a quick demo

Im guessing if there are no more hints left, you are done with the game for now?

when will the web version get updated? i want to see the new changes

Definitely more activities, when you get to a point where you're rich and don't have really anything to do but sleep to pass time, it gets boring. Also because I have nothing to do but to stream and sleep, maybe add some form of way to show your progression through the story? I know it's a simulator but I have no idea if there is an ending or anything else to unlock at the stage I'm at so it just seems like I'm pointlessly grinding while waiting for nothing.

anyone else fullscreen not work?

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Was having fun but sadly i had to close my laptop and lose all of my progress. NSFW aside, this is a great game 10/10

Its hard to tell who is talking sometimes, maybe add names in the dialogue box?

Okay thanks for the tip ^.^

im a bit do i break the cracked rocks??

my game is broken? when i buy a random cat nothing comes out and none are in my inventory, its taking my money

its just pixel art lol

just zoom out

no it doesnt