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Sourcecode and graphics are MIT.

If the music is used the URL to the creator’s website has to be included. It is displayed in the main menu.

Sound effects… I don’t remember their origin unfortunately.

Basic and fun platformer, always appreciated.

Does enemies just dissapear when ur close to them?

Great game! Very basic but does the job and is fun.

Some more... oompf such as effects in various shapes could "live up" the game.


Easy concept yet fun and addictive. The lighting was difficult to avoid, as it should be.

I love the art, parallax scrolling and the sounds!

Nice vibe at the end.

10/10 - This game took me from Sweden to Egypt in 10 mins and now I hate seagulls even more.

I love the humor in this!

Took me some tries to understand how to beat mother.

If only there was sound effects...

Love the 8bit music.

Simple and smooth concept which can be expanded further with more enemies etc.

Nice shader for the water surface!

Great music and sound effects! Easy sounding yet inspiring to move on.

The robots's design fits their purpose.

The battery/life idea works great. Makes the player push themselves further, faster.

There were more levels than I was expecting!

Some things I noticed:

  • The first robot in level 4 can access the spawnpoint, making the player die instantly on respawn.
  • I was bothered that sometimes my dead bodies had a rigidbody and sometimes not.
  • Camera stuttering when running fullscreen mode. (maybe it's just my machine?)

Love the music! (DOS/Adlib inspired?)

Enjoyed the unique but logical reloading mechanic. Especially using the shotgun.

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There is no end... yet.

I will keep working on the game because I really enjoyed making it, and I can see so many fun things I can do with this game.

I'm currently enjoying some time away from the keyboard. =)


The first day of starting went too good to be true. Really nice flow.

I didn't think it would end up working the way it did in the end!