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I think you should add grenades, but it's not just the shrapnel that kills robots like Spidertron Bombs, instead the actual explosion kills them.

I also think you should add abilities. So, like, there could be a strike that can cut swords and hammers in two, or an abilitie that makes everyone close to you fly back. The possibilites are endless!!!

And as a final thing, I think Comment-A-Tron and Analysis Bot should comment on your moves and kills while you're fighting.

You should add a medival (I spelled that wrong, I know) gamemode. With swords, bows, and crossbows and such.

Oh, wait. It's because I'm in Poland xD

Dr. Rydeman (I think I spelled it right. Sorry if I didn't) I don't see any update...

I think that in a future update you should add the Emporers newest in technology, Prototype Laser-Guns. They use energy, cannot be deflected, but only take 1 square (cube, pixel, whatever) so you have to get them in the head. There should be a robot that uses this weapon, but the player should be able to acquire it in an upgrade.

ALSO, I think you should make a shield that drains energy as you are using it, and makes your attack slower, considering you only can use one hand. (Just a thing that would make it even cooler, maybe make it have the garbage door effect? Where it makes you be blasted back when you touch it, and for the robots by touch I really mean hit with a sword)


It's a super good game though. For a free game at least

You should add melee weapons

Wait, what happened to the creator of Super Meat Boy?

I still need some help with updating it. For some reason I didn't get the Email. It may be because I didn't have an Itch.io account when the update was released. May I have some help?

You should bring the map back! It looks so cool!!!