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I like the level of polish you've put in. For example, I was really surprised when she grabbed onto the edge of a platform.

Like many others have said, I use Firefox and the frame rate was pretty bad. The first enemy was also pretty damn hard, so I would maybe consider making an easier enemy to teach the player how to fight.

In general, it's got quality and the mc's a cutie. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for playing! I'll adjust the spell casting to be better directed to the cursor and adjust the cooldown images.

For moving and casting, it's a tough call. I would like to do it, but I can't think of an animation for casting that would look good while moving. If the game were using guns it would be a lot easier because there would be less upper-body motion. For now, I've designed the game play under this limitation.

I think you have a good point with shown health bars. I might consider doing something Diablo-like.

The buttons aren't properly implemented yet, but they'll be used for upgrading items in the main menu.

Played the game for a bit. I liked a lot of the explosion effects and guns, and I'm a sucker for coop games. However, I feel like the game should be a bit more flashy. Here's my suggestions:

  • Increase the enemy density by 2 or 3 times.
  • Make the player move a little faster.
  • Increase the spread and bullet density of the guns, make them feel incredibly powerful and imbalanced.
  • Reduce the player's hitbox size.
  • Reduce the bullet speed on the drone enemies.

I think you have a good base to work with, but I definitely think you should kick the game up a few notches. No worries if these suggestions don't fit your game design though.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely be improving the controls and adding controller support. I'm also going to re-balance the pillows and add different enemies, so hopefully that will make next demo day's submission more entertaining.