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It is very awesome I recommend any one who hasn't tried it to play. 😀 only started a few days ago and I'm already hooked ☺

Thanks for the feed back starlit that sounds wonderful I can't wait to test your next release. I'll try to provide any healthy  suggestions or helpful advice if I believe it may provide you with more additional help. :) I really did enjoy it hope you keep up the great work. 

I finished the demo the game is very good I enjoyed it very much and hope that it inspires other people to play and join. I already recommended the game to other people over the net. There are a few bugs in it but if I may make a suggestion with one or two things. Your item menu if you can place a auto arrange or re arrange option. ( also one of your items has a blank name that needs tweaking.) Thanks for the entertaining experience and I hope you develop even more games like this. ☺

Nice looking game. I havn't tried it yet but I can already tell it looks promising!

I know these posts were a while ago but that's good info to know especially if some one else feels inspired to make a game knowing what they can and cannot do.

Oh yes in case I forgot to mention on the upside I did enjoy the game. I encourage any one who wants to try it to grab a feel for the game and expect that it is very fun. Hope I didn't lay it on too thick.

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(Big note before reading my comment or post if you don't like spoilers don't read what I wrote in great detail as there also game images that may ruin the feel for your game experience if this isn't you then I encourage you to read as much as you like.)

So you can tell I just joined today and signed up just to make this post. The game is great don't get me wrong graphics are nice music had potential but felt limited and kept looping. The bugs well let me mention a few....(not sure if any one has listed them but let me write down a list.) Upon menu when you select "Specialty" the leaders options becomes disabled after a point (not sure where this happens but clicking shift button does not work and brings up a dialogue.)  "Specialty limit reached, please unequip one skill." how ever there are no yellow dot indicators that suggests any thing was currently on use to deselect as a option since it's all grayed out as you can see upon the image posted

Not that I didn't find the rest of the game interesting but another peculiar yet  lovely bug is the character that seems to disappear and the floating objects along with them.

So you're here and when you engage the character in the center this triggers the bug for the floating objects to disappear.

With no way to travel back down or exit the game you would be stuck there. The only other option unfortunately was to load the game from a place that hadn't triggered this bug or simple to ignore the character sprite without engaging into a conversation or other that would create the bug to reach upon the ( what I believe what is probably the final boss and a hint from the developer dialogue that seemed like he rushed game in a big hurry. 

Also referring back to the image above there is another peculiar bug that if you mess around just right around this area upon climbing the platforms you can break the game  and most people who adventure the game might not even realize it but playing it enough will create a dozen players to see this most popular glitch as it breaks the game completely. (Not that I didn't have fun doing that the first time :) it was very interesting as a bug. 

The best bug or idk maybe it was intentional I can say is the treasure for the infinite divine cup which for any one who is confused about what that item name is it will display upon the battle menu but outside of battle the name shows up differently like this. (note you can buy the item in-game but there's a special spot that leads to a treasure chest that gives you a Unlimited Supply.and the chest never vanishes. (Nice move dev) *Chuckles*

Translation name: Victory Tea 

Again not sure if it was on purpose but this was a awesome bug besides being able to float. Though some ppl may swing their perspective upon it and say it's another cheat left by the dev. I can't really say.

So back to floating and if I see any more bugs I'll list them here I think I got the majority so far but I feel like even my post has bugs in it.  :P Maybe it's catching!

If I missed any thing please don't be afraid to comment them down. Although I agree that there should be more story and dialogue from the characters as well as more storyline but the game itself is remarkably easy.  Probably too easy.

(Oh yes I made one edit just to mention that I completed the game in less then a couple of hours because I was just trying to enjoy the game but for any one rushing to complete it I would say it  can take you less to defeat it I assume that the game itself has no real ending so defeating the boss/dev just teleports you back to a spot of the castle which seems to be a never ending game. If any one can address that there is a ending before a update to the game please do let me know.)  ^^^^ This was the part that was edited.

Also note that there are 2 mini bosses with in the game before the final big boss which is the dev dialogue.