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I don't know Construct 3 can build 3D games! nice! it's fun! Maybe you want to give an option to decrease the volume a little. =D But hey it's low quality game jam. As long as it's satisfying, it works!

Nice fun game, I don't know what happen, but it's fun to play

5 min 47 seconds

Finally 100%, 1 goat, 9 kittens, 16 stars =)

I think, it can be 202020 😉

May I know what is your browser and your browser version?

Really like the game, how you defend, and at the time you should find the missing parts. It really made you think about priority. The minimap completes the info that needed to assess the priority. Great!

The music is great too.. Nice.. Love the melody..

Great job =)

Nice game to play, but unfortunately there is no music. Love the randomized obstacle though.. Nice..

Nice game! Thrilling! Good job creating the suspense!

Nice beautiful game. Those story based and nice guitar in the background are really good combination.

Really want to read all the story, but maybe it's a good idea to put 1-2 sentence on each page instead of a paragraph, not every person like to read many paragraph on a page.

It is also nice if you incorporate the story with the game mechanic too, for example with A you might want to give bluish color, and B with redish color, everytime you interact with A in story the blu is more vivid or something. Something like that

Love to play another game like this.. Good work!

The game is good! I love playing it! It is challenging but still fun to play, want to spent more time with the game.

Want to ask something, why you don't port the game to browser (html5)? You know that in Godot, you can export it to HTML5 game right? Maybe, it will make easier for other players to play the game.

Overall nice work! Nice mechanic!

Nice 5 minutes games! good music.. I finish all of it!.. Nice pun, ha ha.. More level please..

Nice game, very engaging and makes me want to play again and again and again.. Good.. I like this upgrading game like this.. Nice!

Nice game! How did you create the music? it's a good game for multiplayer.. Nice work!

Okay, it is soo much fun.. Simple physics makes the game fun to play.. Nice!

Love the funny detail about your voice, yes, who carry heart like that? And who will shoot the drone carrying heart.. Fun game!

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260 is my best, ha ha.. Good engaging game, nice concept.. Keeping the plant and human alive.. Funny "game over", lol, and the lightning the so sudden is soo funny.. If something to be improved, please add time when stunned hit by fire/lightning, After my character get fire, he stunned, then get a lightning.. Overall, nice game buddy =)

Heey, good game.. Sometimes the menu a little buggy though.. When the mouse interact with the menu options, the keyboard select is not working..

Btw, the game is good, if you add story to it, it might be more engaging..

Nice work! =)

More level pleaze... =D

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I need to make new levels and polish the arts after the jam ends.. =D

Thanks! Actually, I'm planning to create different moving block (with color code) also move with different slower rate! For example the "player" slowdown by 0.5x, meanwhile the red block slowdown by 0.3x, green block 0.7x, etc.. So, it will add more challenge diversity.
I also want to experiment not only to make it slow, but in some point the "player" will move in reverse (I don't know will it still be fun or not though)

Hi, it's good game, but it's buggy.. You can't see NPC's comment. You should run from available comment to another, and I'm tired running. I can finally going through the castle though. Nice graphic, nice story, nice concept too. I like the concept where you time travel to make some changes on the game. Nice background music too...

At last I won, but I don't understand the story, lol..

Hey, cool game! I love on how the special effect works on the bullet. 

Hey, cool game! I love on how the special effect works on the bullet. 

Yeah, I want to explore that moving walls more, and actually I also want to add trap door and powers up, but the time's up.. lol.. 

Coooll... Great music, simple and engaging gameplay.. Nice.. :)

Can you play it online?

I don;t understand how it ends.. Lol.. Is there any endings? I'm stuck at the hammer, key cup, and ball.

My god.. It's nice.. Nice simple game.. More challenges or levels would be good thing. But, the core idea is great! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

You should tag it as horror.. I play it in the middle at the night you know?

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Wow, I just realize the star is similar to Nyan Cat! Thanks for the game. It's really inspire me..

Just an idea from me, maybe for the next game, you can improve by adding like achievements, such like talk to all city member before you "eat" them, or from the time to finish the game. But, I still love the game the way it is now though. =)

Hey man, cool game! I found all 15.. I like the background music, the character, the puzzle, and such a simple story.

One thing that mesmerize me is the star! I've trying to animate pixel art for "blinking" star. But it didn't work. But you star animation is so simple and doable! I think I would like to follow the style of your star!

Btw, I'm curious how you create the sound effect? Are create the background music by yourself? If so, what program you used to create it? If not,  where did you find it?


Like the detail where the lights shining on other matches and platform!

Maybe a feature like click and drag a mouse on the tiles will make adding a lot of matches easier. :D Just a thought from me though..

Good Job

It's like Flappy Bird, but instead Left-to-Right, it is Bottom-to-Top version... :D

I'm stuck at level 4... Lol. :D

Great game. I like the the art and animation, and also the sound effect. I think adding score would make the game better. Keep making games! :D