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Piko Monde

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Like the detail where the lights shining on other matches and platform!

Maybe a feature like click and drag a mouse on the tiles will make adding a lot of matches easier. :D Just a thought from me though..

Good Job

It's like Flappy Bird, but instead Left-to-Right, it is Bottom-to-Top version... :D

I'm stuck at level 4... Lol. :D

Great game. I like the the art and animation, and also the sound effect. I think adding score would make the game better. Keep making games! :D

Thank you :D

It is available on android too, if you want to play on your phone... :D

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Is 0x00 Buffer Overflow is really the theme? Just to make sure. :D

Hey, this game is an art! It's inspiring me. Good job! :D

Hi, thanks for playing. :D

I've updated the game with difficulty choices and The "medium"/"relax" as the default difficulty. Hoping that no one frustrate with this game anymore... :D

Hey Peter! Check it out, I've added the "inverted" option and different difficulty (not added the "story mode" yet like I promised). Tell me what you think about it! =D

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Glad you finally like this game :D

Hi! Check out the update! I've added easy/hard mode... What you think about that?

Yeah, actually I'm planning on making a "story mode" with levels that have a gradual difficulties (like you said wider gap first :D), for this "arcade" mode I'll stick to easy-hard option. For the switch button, I think you're right, it's a good idea to put switch buttons on the game setting menu, but first I should make a setting menu firsst I think. I'll working on that.

Thanks for your suggestion Peter! :D

Thanks. :D

Just want to share about making pixel art games using Game Maker: Studio for device (Mobile device, like Android). The idea is how to resize the game according to the screen by using exact 2-4 times scaling, so the pixel art still looks pixely. You might want to see this article. Here is the link that I'm used to learn (https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/scaling-resolution-and-aspect-ratio-management-for-game-maker.7106/)


Oh, okay. It's great for HTML5 (web games) as far as I know.

Hey just asking, what game engine you use to make this game?

Yeah, it's nice... I like the purr sound... :P

Yeah it's hard for me too... Actually this game is inspired from Flappy Bird (it's hard) but the the egg move vertically instead of horizontally. But, I think you're right I'll try making the easier version. :P

Thanks for your comment and suggestion :D

Hahaha... I can't stop laughing.... Adding that sound effect will definitely scare the children... =D

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You made me kill cats :(... Just kidding... :D

Nice game, like the art and simple music. Maybe you can add some sound effect when the cats die... Btw, I just realized that I can double jump when I reach at the end of the game..

Thank you for your game... :D

I've played your game. Nice game. I like the pixel art... :D

Waiting for further level... :)