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Nice pico 8 game!

I feel that that is a good strategy, 

But really the game is programmed so at any point 5 enemies could spawn in less than a second and you would be in trouble, but the chance of that happening isn't really high.

Maybe changing the equation to be in the area in which the player is moving to could help.

Thanks :)

Yeah, I was planning on doing that but I overslept and only had a few hours left.

Pretty impressive for an 8 bit game, great collisions too! :)

What do you think that the gameplay is missing?

Google chrome but I think it was just some random crash

My dice got drunk and crashed

I can't play it because of cropping problems. haha polymars go brrrrrr

Nice little game!

Really nice for gdevelop! :)

I got a high score of 22. Submit your own!



Yeah, but I think that would mean to much randomness than what it has already. Also, thanks :)

I am now just a bean because of the game.

Try it.

I am a bean now.

The unity loading screen gave me chills.

this was a nice game!

Hey I like the game :)

I love how you used the pico 8 pallete!

Nice little pico 8 game!


Browser, I was just playing the game when it suddenly stoppe

I'll do that right now. The controls are the pico 8 standard of up ,down ,left ,right x and z or c

it was great but crashed

I like the custom phrases and the story

This was a nice game

Ok! thanks!

The visual style is greaaaaat!


It seems pretty polished for a game jam but the web version is glitching out

It's really polished compared to other submissions like mine!