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I've just released Budgie's Adventure. It is an action game for Windows.
Your object is to bring the fruits to the nest. The door will open when you do them enough.
When you enter the open door, you will proceed to the next stage.

Demo movie

Project Page

Have fun!

I've just released Penpen World. It is an action game for Windows.

This game has 3 modes. The object of each mode is different.
When you touch the enemies your power decreases.
Once you are out of power, the game is over.


Project page

Have a great new year!

Cool! I like the soundtrack very much.

I've just released Normal Island for Windows.
Normal Island is an action game in which the girl plays on the small island.
Her purpose is to drop all the enemies to the sea.
Her push of four stakes will collapse the ground. If she touches enemies, her power will decrease.
When her power is set to zero, the game will be over.

Demo movie


Have fun!

Green Cat Chronicle is an action game for MSX.
Your object is to continue defeating the enemies with bubbles. Various items will help you.
As the game progresses for a while, the background and music will change. Let's see how far you can proceed.

MSX games can be played in the browser. You can play this game on my project page.

Green Cat Chronicle Poster


I've just released 2 rabbits. It is a retro style action game.
Your object is to lead two rabbits and defeat the enemies. The pink rabbit follows the white rabbit. Only the pink rabbit can defeat the enemy.
As the game progresses for a while, the background and music will change.

Android version or HTML5 version is available.


Demo movie

Project page


I made an external code and sprite editor for Android. It has an interface suitable for use on smartphones.

It can output sprite sheets that can be imported to TIC-80.


I hope you like it.

Added the 3D functions. You can create 3D game with it now! 

The following is an example code of using it.

//-- 3d example
sprite(2,"ball",5); function init(){
 // floor
 // balls
 // camera
} function move(i){
  // bounce a ball
  case 1:
} function update(){
 // rotate a camera



I have just released RetroIDE. It is a retro game development tool suitable for use on smartphones.
You can easily create games with the code editor and the sprite editor.
The programming language is Javascript and contains the library of various simple functions.
The created game can be output to an HTML file and published on the web.

More details