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Hello! I have uploaded a new version of the game with subtitles - I hope it helps!

Hello! I have uploaded a new version of the game with subtitles - I hope it helps!

Thank you for checking, that's good to hear!!!

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what the issue is, the game uses 64-bit, but I don’t have a Mac with Catalina to test and I’ve had some people not be able to run it at all and some people be able to run it fine so my guess is it’s a permissions thing on the user side.

Thank you! I think this is unfortunately something I can't fix in the build, not sure why building to Mac from a PC in Unity is so touchy but alas. 

Interesting. I've done a bit of research on this and the only thing that keeps coming up is something telling me to run chmod to set it as an executable but I can't do that on a PC. I'll rope in a friend who has a Mac and see if I can figure out the problem from there!

Thank you! :D

Hello! Are you running Catalina on your Mac? If so, that’s because Catalina has very strict permissions for unverified apps. There’s a workaround here, although I can’t verify if it actually works because I don’t have a Mac. If you’re running an older OS than Catalina, can you let me know what you’re running and what specifically the error message says and I can try to troubleshoot? 

Thank you for the comment! I will work on getting subtitles in the game!