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pigeon wings

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Very good stuff, and a very promising progression of your previous work. Many ideas that you touched upon previously were fully fleshed out this time around.

"A miner's helmet"

very cool stuff, the physics are fun and sometimes you can catch some crazy air lol. Feels like it could easily be fleshed out into a larger scale project

very fun, it reads like a childrens book but with more adult jokes lol

very good! I would say the only thing missing is a few lines of code to make the difficulty increase over time

maybe one universal button to advance to the next phase (like enter or space or something easy to guess) and a display for what weapon you are using (unless there was one and I missed it). Regardless, one of my fav games of the jam <3

very cool idea. controls are a little unintuitive, but once you get it its a very fun kind of strategy game

its fun when you win and when you mess up lol. great job

very fun, the explosions are satisfying

thanks for checking it out!

got pretty far but now I'm stumped. cool idea

(1 edit)

aw bummer, i had them working during testing. thanks for playing!

edit: they're working as intended now, thanks for the heads up lol

very cool take on the theme, procedural city is a nice touch

i just murdered 62,000 people and i had a great time doing it

the world is MASSIVE lmao
the game has flaws (you can't lose, you can't win, no reticle, no sound etc. etc.) but i still had fun running around the grid climbing mountains that i didnt think i would be able to climb.

fun submission

thanks lol you can jump too 😲

Ill play your submission when i get a chance

Thanks for replying, your game is very good

As the developer, are you able to see all the messages?

Anyone want me to make some 2d art for them, hit me up on discord

pigeon wings #4459

Cool and creepy. The bizarre audio and visuals do a good job of making the player feel uneasy.

I always like to see GM Studio's 3D engine get some love <3

Simple, yet enjoyable. my best is 18721 :P

Good stuff Kiz. Tbh jumping and dashing around is really fun and I found myself trying to parkour more than I was trying to get to the end lolol. You could probably make a game based around just that mechanic

A little buggy, but very enjoyable when the cultists go where i tell them <3

she'll kick your ass at a later date lol. thanks for checking it out 

cool concept <3 got to 662

ohhhh ok my bad lol <3

i'll check it out in its current form

very good execution of a simple text adventure <3

thank you <3

how go down stairs lol

thought it would be >

Dig your style, dude <3

Really great, short as it may be <3

funny take on the theme lol