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I agree. Coding programs for homebrew devs, like GB Studio, have been doing this for the original Gameboy relatively recently, and it seems to be rising in prominence from what I've seen -- it would be so great to have more focus on the GBA as well nowadays. It's clear they agree because of the dev site they run as well. It's appreciated!

I think it must be a mixture of wanting to breathe new life into old hardware you love so much from your past, and also the smaller scale of the creative projects that it allows.. also the sounds, and the visuals (sprites!).. endlessly appealing, isn't it? IMO, this is where projects like GBG have LOTS of appeal and charm (and as they say, limitations can breed creativity), and not only that, this'll later be ported and enhanced on multiple platforms so we get the best of both worlds. So cool

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The soundtrack and additional ROM that was just added is so fantastic. The music player in the bonus GBA ROM is a nice little extra treat. Would recommend getting that as well!

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I posted this elsewhere but I'll leave it here too. Besides using the included installable 3DS .CIA file (which will have visual limitations):

FYI -- the game runs perfectly, and looks fantastic, on: (recently updated too!)

On mGBA, even with hardware boosts, I can't get the game to run quite as seamless (especially during cutscenes). I'm assuming this is either due to the limitations of the 3DS hardware when it comes to emulation performance or mGBA needs to be updated to be further optimized..? As it is, unfortunately GBA emulation doesn't get too much of a regular focus in terms of maintenance in the 3DS modding scene, I suppose.

You do have to trade off some of the inherent benefits of using the emulator though (save-states, optional screen widening, etc.). If there's any suggestions for better methods of running GBG on a N3DS, def share!

Awesome!! So amazing. Thanks for all the GBA love and the passion put into game development here.

That would be so awesome if a homebrew 3ds port of this game did come out one day with 3d support!!

Awesome! Great work

Cool GBA!

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This is a really creative idea, with that beloved classic, goofy Warioware spirit, and super cool! Congrats to the contributors on releasing such a cool microgame collection! Game Boy homebrew is getting better every year

I would pay for a full microgame title if the community ever releases one for GBA!

Awesome! Great work and thx

Thank you!

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This is awesome, just noticed you added this. 

1. Is it possible for you to implement a higher-resolution setting to the screensaver? It's a bit blurry on my 4K computer displays.

2. I also don't hear any sound which apparently is referenced in the Screensaver settings.



Please. This is just absurd.