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Nice, gleich Mal auschecken!

Love that name and how it starts! Interaction is a little bit difficult for me because I don't see exactly where I can click and which wall will appear.

Wow, that's great! <3

Oh nice, didn't see that there was a alpha version. I will check it out!

Hi there,

please let me introduce to you our latest release. Feedback would be really appreciated!

Download Link:

Genre: Action/Defense -> Defend your stack of pigs from goblins in four levels.

Controls: Left click to shoot weapons, right click to unleash the Axeplode power.

"You are Herrmann, strong like an oak and bearded like a northern man.

Your day couldn't be really worse. A bunch of Gobos invaded your farm and want to steal your precious little pigs. But they don't know that you are a master in axe throwing. Welcome to Axeplode: Axtreme Edition!"

Version 0.1.9 Details

  • new Team added! Enjoy the newest team "Muricah" (America)
  • volume correction for background music

Version 0.1.8 Details

  • we added finally an online mode! Challenge other users around the world
  • we startet a Discord channel
  • we added DLL files for the Windows version, which were missing

Hi there, since we updated the game - did the game run? Do you tried to reinstall it? Thanks!

We uploaded an update (Ver 0.1.4). It would be awesome if you could tell us if you still experience the dll bug. Thanks!

Version 0.1.4 Details

We added:

  • new Team added! Putank (Russia) got his first member animated!
  • we added a second map with bigger goals
  • redesign of the players stamina bar
  • bug fixes (missing DLL's on Windows)
  • new sounds

What a crazy good art style! Love it.

I talked to the programmer. Looks like you can download that file (api-ms-win-eventing-classicprovider-l1-1-0.dll) online on multiple websites and copy it to the games folder. He found out, that some anti virus software deletes that file because it detects some infection.

We will add that file with the next update as well. Let's hope this helps!

Balls of Duty community · Created a new topic Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

we released a minor patch that should fix some issues. It's the version 0.1.1.

Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for the reply! So, we uploaded a new version (0.1.1)... hopefully your issue could be solved. It's difficult for us to find out, because we couldn't reproduce this bug.

Oh, that's so super cool to see a let's play! Thanks for finding that bug. This build is a very early one, because we wanted to see first, if this game finds an audience. I really want to draw the new characters, but it's also a lot of work to do them.

Please try the game in multiplayer mode if possible, this is the best way to have fun with it.

hi! Thank you so much for the bug report. Are you using a Gamepad? Probably a XBox Controller? We will check it out, we didn't have this issue on our Windows PCs so far.

Balls of Duty community · Created a new topic Feedback

Please leave your feedback here. Since the game is early in development, we find it very helpful to get user's thoughts as soon as possible. Thanks!