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Pierre Gilhodes

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Merci pour tes encouragements ! J'espère que Gobliiins5 te plaira. Le suivant est commencé, Gobliins6, qui est la suite de Gobliins2. Il y aura un crowdfunding dans quelques temps. Pierre

Yeah, I did like that. I didn’t touch the inventory.

Hello! I changed the height of the appearance of the inventory... But suddenly, I no longer had the name of the objects that appeared...    PG

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. I would like to consider your message for the next game but it is not always possible and it is already well started.
 I am not a programmer and I use a tool that I cannot completely parameterize.  Triggering the inventory, for example, I agree with you, but impossible to find how to change it, I would nevertheless ask on the forum.

 The font size seems good to me, given the size of the screen, however, I do not have the possibility to change the outline of the letters.
 Sorry for the high voices, I never thought that it generated some players, I have not yet had this criticism. I would try to be a little careful from now on... But it will remain gnomes with small voices anyway.

 For the bug, it’s the same, it’s a problem that I can not do again, impossible to know what is the cause. A bientôt   Pierre

Je t'envoie ça. A bientôt  Pierre

Hello, tell me your nickname on Ulule, I’ll send you a key.

Hello, there will be a German version soon.   PG

Many thanks! The Switch and other consoles version is well planned.  PG

Anyway, I think it would work with Win7.

Hello, sorry, this is a problem that we are solving... If you do the actions on the little girl after the other actions on the young Morglott, it should work.   PG

Hello, thank you for your encouragement! I hope there will be these ports on console, normally it is working, including for Mac.    PG

Sorry, there is no German translation in progress yet. Maybe later.    PG

Ce sont bien eux, ils reviennent !

Backups are done automatically at the beginning of level and stored in a Windows folder.

You went to the "load" menu to restart the level? Either in the first page, or by clicking on the  menu icon near the inventory in the game.

Hello! ... and thank you. Woodruff’s sequel is a complex project, especially for a single person... It’s not for now. I’m starting Gobliins6 for now.

 The comic Bouzouk is well translated into English. Bye     PG

La nouvelle version:  Amélioration de la version anglaise.

The new version:  Improvement of the English version.

Hello! Thank you for your help. This is a problem that we can not reproduce. Are you sure that you did all the actions of the schoolchildren? Could you tell me in what order exactly you do the actions when it doesn’t work at the end? Thank you in advance.   PG

Thank you AhikamRo !  An improved version of the English version is being made, these changes will be incorporated.  PG

Hello, thanks for your help. This is a problem already fixed in the latest version. Sorry Pierre

A Mac version is planned, soon if all goes well.

Thank you for your comment. It’s a bug that we don’t understand and that we can’t do again. It seems to me that if you had recliqued a few times on young Morglot, it would have worked. I would still be looking. I don’t think it’s related to the order of the actions.    Pierre

Thank you Alessior ! For the next version.     PG

Dans la troisième partie, un bug important résolu, dans la cuisine, ainsi qu'un bug mineur dans la pièce de Morglot.

It’s really a lot of work, right now we can’t afford it

It’s really a lot of work, right now we can’t afford it

It’s possible, soon.

Est ce que tu l'as reçu maintenant ?

Cool !

Thank you Diduz! This is a problem I didn’t know, I fired these keys in the last version.

It’s true, it’s smoother like that, but less pixel art

Thank you! There may be adaptations on consoles soon.

Merci ! J'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres ! Voire refaire le 4 en 2d, amélioré.

Thank you Blount! I am in contact with future partners, we may make a Mac, Linux version and solve problems under Scumm.

Thank you Vasilis !

I would provide the files to those who want to do a translation. But you have to realize that this is a huge job.

Hello Mbunkin, yes, I would like players to do new translations. But there is a lot of text in this game, it’s a crazy job. And it is very expensive, which is why for the moment there are only two languages.

Sorry Modhack, I know nothing about Scumm... There must be a compatibility. I’m not a programmer. But you had problems putting things in the trash in the 1st level in the PC version?

Thank you Lurius! (I would keep your name for a future Goblin). Sorry, many people would prefer a finer backup. For a puzzle game with a relative lifespan, I preferred to do like this, which was much more difficult to do besides, it is not really planned by AGS. I think that once we have made progress, we will quickly get back to where we were.   Pierre