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I was experimenting with procedural generation and decided to make a (singleplayer) Minecraft clone a while back. If I have time this weekend I'll use the jam as an excuse to throw up a server with some basic multi-player. 

Such is the way of the game jam :)

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All around great art and concept. Needs some polish and balance changes. Great work.

EDIT: RIP my ears that music is a bit too loud 

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Thanks man! I never thought about doing a no powers run before but I just tried and it's definitely possible. It just requires you to chain a lot of slides and jumps.

Thanks for the positive feedback and I am pretty active in the game jam community so I'm sure I will see you around!

This game is a real 𝕧𝕚𝕓𝕖

My highscore is 69

I give this game 69 out of 69

Aside: Some times I tried to teleport but nothing happened. Otherwise the game was great and very addicting.

Nice work!

This was a great jam game! Simple and well executed.

I like how much strategy and action emerged from such a simple few systems.

The amount of work that went into this game is astonishing. It looks great too!

Great music. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get much gameplay out of it since the movement was so choppy and the air control was so fast. There were many different systems, too many. Sometimes it is better to focus on fewer systems and execute better. Less is more.

I can tell a lot of work went into this game so take my criticisms with a grain of salt. Thanks.

This game is a hidden gem! Nice work!

TIP: Teleporters are not trustworthy

Haha sorry :(

I died so fast but nice work

Saw in the stream! Great work!

I'm not ScoreSpace but I can verify that the jam has moved this jam primarily to itch due to the problems many faced with uploading their projects to I hope that helps.

Awesome 👌 I'll tune in!

Great work! I encourage anyone with an android phone to try this out as it's one of the more polished games from this jam.

Very epic

Speedrun timer gang represent!

I went the other way. Threw in a speedrun timer that shows up when you finish the game.

Instant classic

Quantum Vault community · Created a new topic High Scores

Post screenshot below with your best time and I will update the leaderboard! Don't cheat, this is in good faith!

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git gud

You have perfectly captured the feeling of turning off all the lights when nobody is home. Great game and very good job with the hatching shader. 

Terminal Jam community · Created a new topic JAM DISCORD???

Is there a discord for this jam?

Nice level of polish... responsive platforming, and novel mechanics. 10/10 would play through the same 30 seconds 100 times in a row again.

So addictive wth

DM me on discord

Here's an official gameplay walkthrough for those who are too lazy to play it.

Very chill game

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Thanks! I hear this a lot. I will address it in the next patch. 

EDIT: Fixed

Very cool twist on the tower defense genre.  

Fun puzzle. I got stuck on it but maybe I will come back and try again later.

Super scary. I love the 2D filter.