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I get you. Even the PDF reader would be helpful :)

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Hey, I saw the sacred and terrible air fangame referred to as a "PDF reader" on WoolieVersus' video, does Entroponaut parse PDFs somehow or did you do that manually?

Also is there a way for others (like me) to play the fan-made SATA game also?

Thank you! is the first one i've published :)

this one is amusing! I love the css and the misunderstanding of idiom.

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Trying to get better about commenting but this is a seriously amazing game. I played it last year with my husband and it was a subtly disquieting playthrough, haunting and beautiful. You want ludonarratively harmonious mechanics, you can find them here.

I want to play it again but better (I messed up diegetically as the human because I misunderstood how the info cards work).

thank you!! sometimes I am very smart

I forgot to comment on this but I'm trying to be better about reviews/comments.

I ran this game as a birthday party event in 2020 and it was amazing and delightful. I love that you can "undercook" and "overcook" rolls, and the silly weapons my players came up with to both attack and eat the divine beasts (one of them was an extendable soup spoon, one was a vorpal cake knife...) were great.

I actually asked a math + ttrpg friend to examine the math for the dice rolls in the game bc I was unsure about the balance at first (it looked intimidating!), but he assured me it was perfect and balanced, and indeed it was.

It captures the high-pressure tension of Shadow of the Colosseus' epic giant killing and Cooking Mama's silly timed cooking, but stirred and cooked into a wonderful meal by itself.

Pick it up if you haven't yet. After all, who would turn down a free lunch?

thank you!

thanks, I'm glad I was able to getcha twice in a short game!

whoof. that was heavy. very well done

this was cute af! it wasn't too hard and it was very charming :)

thanks so much for making the seed! as soon as I saw it I was like oh I *gotta* do this one!

thank you, that's the effect I was going for!

coming back to this but i really enjoyed this poem, and when i first saw it i was really inspired to make my own twine poetry and used it for reference (none of mine are done, unfortunately). it's really well made and evocative

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I ran this with a complete newbie to roleplaying this past Sunday and it worked excellently. The tarot cards did what they're good at, which is telling a cohesive symbolic narrative over time. and the structure of the game makes the narrative fleshed out and concrete, giving a strong framing for the story. There's a good balance of roleplaying directly and narrating actions, which made it easier for the newb to get into.

We were a bit pressed for time so didn't spend too much on the disarming/bluffing, but it was still a really delightful game with a really cool ending for us!

I like that the rules emphasize to use the imagery on the cards to guide your stories. A lot of tarot games make the fact that it's *tarot* with pictures and symbolism sort of an afterthought to the ranks, suits, or latent meanings with the pictures as an afterthought. But this game instructs to use the imagery directly. It helps that I was using a very lush deck (The Chromatic Fates tarot).

the crabs agree

you are an inspiration

i think this game is so cool, i love the concept and i played a little bit of it with a friend. the only thing that stymied us was the unreliability of the USPS

gosh, please tell me about it! also this is such a coincidence, I drew one of your de coloring sketches but hadnt posted it yet

have you heard of the concept of two cakes? 😜 I'd still love to see yours!regardless - thanks for the compliment and let me know how it goes with your group!

Thank you! I didn't write any of the narration but I will pass that on to the original writers ^^

i absolutely love this!

i think i found a typo - "Tell how have you tried to reason with the Moon before."

Thank you! Arguably it doesn't work as a poem "in itself" outside of the technological form? I have a google sheet with all the lines written out as they are w/o rotation and it's awful xD but shaping the poem to be inextricable from the form is the point of the jam, to my understanding.

This is an amazing idea and well executed! I think the original poem is great and you really captured the weirdness and playfulness of the meme'd iterations over the years.

This was amazing! I got a really rough draw right off the bat - 5 snakes ahah, not the best impression! but i made it thru and had a good ending. the potential for replay is obvious!

Thank you! I'm rly curious as to what you thought of the secondary mystery, so feel free to DM me on twitter @pieartsy if you wanna talk more w/o spoiling?? I will ramble so long about this game