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the crabs agree

you are an inspiration

i think this game is so cool, i love the concept and i played a little bit of it with a friend. the only thing that stymied us was the unreliability of the USPS

gosh, please tell me about it! also this is such a coincidence, I drew one of your de coloring sketches but hadnt posted it yet

have you heard of the concept of two cakes? 😜 I'd still love to see yours!regardless - thanks for the compliment and let me know how it goes with your group!

Thank you! I didn't write any of the narration but I will pass that on to the original writers ^^

i absolutely love this!

i think i found a typo - "Tell how have you tried to reason with the Moon before."

Thank you! Arguably it doesn't work as a poem "in itself" outside of the technological form? I have a google sheet with all the lines written out as they are w/o rotation and it's awful xD but shaping the poem to be inextricable from the form is the point of the jam, to my understanding.

This is an amazing idea and well executed! I think the original poem is great and you really captured the weirdness and playfulness of the meme'd iterations over the years.

This was amazing! I got a really rough draw right off the bat - 5 snakes ahah, not the best impression! but i made it thru and had a good ending. the potential for replay is obvious!

Thank you! I'm rly curious as to what you thought of the secondary mystery, so feel free to DM me on twitter @pieartsy if you wanna talk more w/o spoiling?? I will ramble so long about this game