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Raw, personal. A moving read, thank you so much for sharing with us.

this is such a fun idea!

I want to congratulate this game for winning the Disc-Horse Free-est Award, which I never thought I would see awarded in my lifetime! Congratulations all round!

Reposting my review so people can see it:

* * * * * (Five Stars)
Candid, vulnerable, this is so well written and completed by the endearing art. It's Hien's own story, but it's a familiar one, and I'm so honoured that he shared it with us. Also a brilliant example of interactive fiction! thank you for sharing!

Reposting my review in the comments:

* * * * * (Five Stars)

Super lovely, tidy little game with sweet narrative, intuitive progressing, simple but fitting graphics and fitting music! Glad I finally got around to playing it. The title is a perfect fit, and I (hope I) learnt something, thank you!

Sounds good, it'd be good to keep it moving, even if someone gets an unfinished round two or just the round one submission. 

I kickstarted this zine, and have found it incredibly useful to consult, muse or read for leisure when it comes to RPG design. A great reference, I definitely recommend it!