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wow, thank you for playing, and thank you for sharing! I backed Silent Falls but am yet to play, so love the multi system synergy there. I look  forward to having a watch

so excited to hear of a physical release! i bought it and LOK and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. love your puzzles, so clever and satisfying.

Yesss! so excited!

So cute and evocative, and the puzzles are so clever!

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(CW: War, Nuclear Testing, Racism, Colonization)
If you're looking for touchstones regarding the horror of Pass the Remote, here are some inspirations:

and wherever minorities must fit into acceptable, palatable public roles or be heard not at all.

the tone is impeccable, the visuals stunning and perfectly chosen, and the meandering storytelling super intriguing and wonderful!

Vulnerable and beautiful poem, that really cleverly plays with form to demonstrate its points.  Ben Roswell is a brilliant poet, this doesn't disappoint.

This poem broke Jurassic Park open for me, expanding it's borders. The language of science and movie making is taken from the series and turned to a trans man, in all his completeness and messiness, and dwelling on him. As well as a lovely, well-written piece of literature, this has the best poetry layout and design I've ever seen. Thank you for it!

This is such a lovely looking game, with a super tidy concept.  So much fun!

I... think I'm ready. Picture please!

What an awesome concept for a game! Can't wait to make a whole stack and use it on all my friends. Graphic design is en point too

this is such a fun idea!

I want to congratulate this game for winning the Disc-Horse Free-est Award, which I never thought I would see awarded in my lifetime! Congratulations all round!

Reposting my review so people can see it:

* * * * * (Five Stars)
Candid, vulnerable, this is so well written and completed by the endearing art. It's Hien's own story, but it's a familiar one, and I'm so honoured that he shared it with us. Also a brilliant example of interactive fiction! thank you for sharing!

Reposting my review in the comments:

* * * * * (Five Stars)

Super lovely, tidy little game with sweet narrative, intuitive progressing, simple but fitting graphics and fitting music! Glad I finally got around to playing it. The title is a perfect fit, and I (hope I) learnt something, thank you!

Sounds good, it'd be good to keep it moving, even if someone gets an unfinished round two or just the round one submission. 

I kickstarted this zine, and have found it incredibly useful to consult, muse or read for leisure when it comes to RPG design. A great reference, I definitely recommend it!