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Really nice and minimalistic game. Good work!

Thanks for playing! Good idea with Stamina bar, it was never meant to be able to have shields on and attack, a small bug or oversight due to time constraints :)

That was a fun ride! Beginning was a bit hard to get around but it really changed for the better. The dialog was fun and a nice throwback to old classic JRPGs.

Poor carrot farmer.

Nice usage of the theme!

Some work on colliders would be nice in town as well, make it a bit easier to navigate :) Good work!

This was indeed made in just 48 hours, much of the assets are made outside of this Jam, bought some time ago for whatever project I thought was a good idea at the time. We will probably keep working on this after(more levels, enemies, skills, loot, online multiplayer etc) and make all our own assets later on. So basically all the coding was done by me in UE4 and my friend designed the levels and added the general feel to the whole game.

Thanks for testing and giving feedback! Sorry for the scare! :D

Thanks for testing and thanks for the feedback! I tried your game, it was real nice!

That was real nice, always like a Tower Defense. Nice variety of enemies too. Nice implementation of the theme! Congratulations!

It was indeed done within the 48h limit.  All the graphics assets where however from previous purchases that we never got around to use. I wasnt alone either, not sure how to add my co-worker on this. Thanks for the feedback!