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Feels great to play, nice effects, effective sounds and music. Well done!

Fun times! Good bones for a longer game, keep up the good work :)

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I'm a high school teacher outside of Boston who finally got to teach an (analog) game design class this year. On day 2 of the story games unit, I just did my best to GM four versions of the Raptor at the same time...and students were into it!

Next class, they're all going to be hacking this into 2 stat RPGs of their own. My examples:

A Grey's Anatomy RPG using Hots and Guts

A Love Island RPG using Wits and T*** / Talks and C****, depending on gender ;)

Thanks for the inspiration and the resource -- it's still great!

Really like the game! Satisfying and different upgrades with smart quality of life features. Keep up the good work :)

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Very cool, as always! I teach AP Art History, and I might incorporate this into my introductory architecture day when introduce students to the idea of plans, sections, elevations, etc. The trouble will be when I want students to move on to the next idea (because using your tool will be too interesting!) Thanks!

Nice vibey little game! Great use of the real phone call at the end

Hilarious idea, well-implemented. Good job throughout!

Lovely generator! Great colors and forms. Thanks, as always, for sharing

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Intuitive, great gamefeel, and looks/sounds nice too. Well done!

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Nicely done! Clean textures, nice sound effects, appropriately maddening jumping considering you're fighting against the Void-- keep up the good work :)

Thanks for making this! I liked zipping about the oppressive corridors with the grappling hook and then having the huge open shafts or even cavernous voids loom -- reminded me of the original Unreal Tournament in the best way. Would play more with some new features, keep up the good work :)

Extremely well done game! Really nice pacing -- the shotgun absolutely delivered, and attention to detail like the enemies dancing after beating you shows clever attention to detail. Excited to see what you folks do next :)  

Lovely work overall! The overgrown cityscape with industrial, Gothic, and modern architecture, the gentle guiding using well-positioned lights and landmarks, careful use of minimal sound, and the surprising and intense ending. Dread in my stomach as I realized I didn't need to move toward the was moving towards me! Looking forward to more great work from you in the future :)

Great idea and I can see you implemented some of the previous input (like arrows pointing toward remaining orbs and the exit). It all feels so natural that I thought those pieces were always included! Perhaps an option to change how quickly the world rotates would be nice, but honestly, you could sell this :) 

This is fantastic! Big fan of Tom Gauld already, and I'll use this in my high school English classroom to have my students generate story prompts. Thanks for creating and sharing!

Strong aesthetics and physics. I hope you work on it more! Not enough grapple horror games out there!

Nicely done! Solid mechanics that match and enhance the theme. Great music and graphics, too.

Really nicely done! Loved the difficulty curve, animation, and little looping musical ditty.

This whole game blew me away. From the well-filmed, well-edited intro, to the gorgeous graphics, to the ease of getting to a new place, it was really transportive at a time when I was really feeling low--I'm a high school teacher and I'm really worried about my students. Thanks again for making it, and for gifting it as well.

Extremely cool game. Dig the graphics, the music, the text, everything!

Got jump scared by the music and eyeball, and then it only got better from there! Nice!

Extremely specific vibe you are cultivating here, and I am definitely here for it. Nicely done!

Hey, thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that. Because your gallery was so curated and presented in a way you wanted, it didn't feel voyeuristic, more like an invitation. And when certain images jumped out as ones I might have saved ("who stole my body," "can't wait to be human again," etc.) , I felt camaraderie.  Great glitch work and use of space too.

Very nicely done! Illustrations were beautiful (loved when trees and other pieces of scenery partially obscured the tram) and it was calming overall. Hope to see more.

Physics feel really good and smooth, and I love the CRT scan lines. Keep up the good work!