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Dr. Wasabi

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spamming your game to random jams isn't allowed

does not match the theme of bullet hell game jam

much good.

got 235

Kinda disappointing there wasn't a special ending for just skipping all the days.

Either way, extremely good game! 

Didn't take long (maybe 30 seconds) for me to glitch the game and get launched outside of the map.


l i t e r a l l y


ultra hard mode: change all custom colors to white

I believe each shade is a different colo(u)r when it comes to the game jam's qualifications.

Hi, there GET52.

I'm sorry to say, but from looking at the screen shots you've posted, it seems that this is an invalid entry. Directly quoting the front page/overview page: "Make a 2-D sidescrolling game, shooter, platformer, whatever,". Emphasis on 2-D. Sorry about this.

Nah, I'm fine.

I'm simply too lazy, and I'm not even that good of a developer.

I'm not gonna participate anymore, but I would've used Gamemaker Studio

From my knowledge, Writing down ideas and the such are perfectly fine. I didn't create the rules so my answer may not be correct.

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Nope - nothing that's being created specifically for the jam can be worked on until the clock starts.

Maybe... The person who won gets assets from like the top 3 or 4 games?

Also. What's the minimum length (as in time) of the games?

Does the 1st rule include art and/or basic mechanics?