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Hi, might seem like a weird question but what font and font size does the game use? I have dyslexia so I'm trying to work out how difficult it would be for me to play this. Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Hi! I'm really enjoying the game! I am however very stuck on lvl 98 and would love some help! thanks!

I am really stuck on the ghost caligo puzzle and cant figure out what im supposed to do?? would appreciate some help!


I split my crops up to take some with me but now I cant seem to recombine the stacks. is there a way to do this?


Hi, I've been having a lot of fun playing this game and I got the good ending but I'm missing one carrot and its in narrows I've explored the whole place and I have a compos but I cannot figure out how to get up to it it seems to be past the wall in the room where you fall into a larger area, the rooms next to the red button. I'd really love any help


of course! I hope you all have a nice break!

I really loved the game,. When I finished it the first time and was brought back to my house I went out back to the forest, but when I did i wasn't able to interact with any menus, so I couldn't level up skills, swap friends or even exit out of the game. Thought I would let you know! again really loved the game!

trying to play it in the browser but the window is so small I cant see it and when I click full screen it stays the same size and just moves to the top left corner of the window