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Thank you for playing my game! Especially on stream! Thank you so much! As for the controls, on my end they seem responsive and I got my sister to play the game to make sure that the controls were responsive.  I think that the game lagged out a bit when you played it(which might be my fault for poorly optimized code), which made the controls laggy and unresponsive. For the inablilty to spawn the BrainCells, you can only spawn them while your in the air, which is probably my fault for not making that clear enough. But thank you for the response, and for the fact that you streamed my game! I do agree that my main fault in game development is not polishing the controls enough, and in the game the controls aren't as polished as they should be. Anyways thank you and goodnight.

Thanks for leaving a review! I'm glad to hear that you liked it!

I liked your game!

Super Solid Game. I had a ton of fun playing this game! I loved the gameplay, and a couple of the levels geniunely stumped me. My only complaint is that you can't hold down the arrow to move so sometimes I'm furiously mashing the arrow. But the game is really good! 

The game is really good! I love it when people use lighting in games! This game is probably one of the best games I've played in this jam! My only gripe is that the characters move too slow, but that might be my ADHD speaking. Really good game tho!

Thank you!

Wait... I literally didn't know that the down arrow was used for jumping, but it makes sense lol. Anyways it wasn't intended. Thanks for the review though!

It should work if you set it to scale with screen size(it's below screen space overlay)

I love how you have to look around people's rooms to see what their problems were! The story is really good, and I love how everybody has their own problems and such! The only criticizim I have is that the writing feels very stiff, and I suspect that you're not a native english speaker, which is fine. But I feel like, if you are a nonnative english speaker, you aren't showing your full pontential in a language you don't understand fully. I get why you made the game in english, and the game is really good as is!  It made me feel for the characters, so really good job!

Really good game! The controls are solid, and the AI is really good! 

Thanks for the feedback!

The Idea was really good, and I feel like it really suits the theme of the jam! The first level was really good, then I couldn't get past the second level. But awesome first level nonetheless!

I loved the opening of the game, and the whole game was super wholesome. I loved that you had different friends help you to give you powers, which was totally cool. At first I didn't like the jump, but over the game it grew on me. Good job on the game!

Thanks! My family thought I was having a mental breakdown when I recorded that lol, and I had a ton fun doing all of the art in the background. Thanks for leaving a review!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I might've done a bad job telling people how to progress. You have to press "e" inside the yellow weird things to go to the next level.

Thank you! Yeah, I found the bugs early on, but it's a problem with how the braincells are spawned and such, so I put off fixing it until it was too late, and I just wanted the game to be finished. Thanks for the review!

For a game made by sixth graders, this game is amazing, and you should be proud of that. Like when I was in sixth grade I didn't know my rights from my lefts.(I still don't, but you know) First of all your artist is amazing! The stuff she's doing in this game is great. The only thing that I don't like is that the characters aren't animated(Like they don't have a walkcycle animation, or a jumping animation ect...), which makes the game not look it's best. The gameplay is basically just a Fireboy and Watergirl clone which is fine(because you might not know the game here it is: The controls are floaty, and there's a ton of glitches, but that's everyone's first or second game. Overall the game is really good, and you all should be really proud of yourselves!

I know why it does that, because I've had that problem before. Either you have the canvas that the button is attached, to you either set it to Screen space overlay, or if you set the canvas to follow the camera you didn't set the canvas to scale with screen size, meaning that when the game doesn't go  fullscreen the button is still in the spot it was when the game is fullscreen, which isn't in the frame. I hope this helps!

The game is really good! I love how peaceful it is, and it really feels like you're building a town. I obviously didn't like how there wasn't a tutorial,  and the cloud event was confusing to me, but it was really good nontheless.

This is a really good game, and the whole thing is super solid! I'm a big strategy game fan, so it was a joy to play.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! It might be a problem with your browser, because it should be widescreen. I made sure of it. But thank you for the comment!

Nah it's fine. I just can't pass up an opportunity to annoy strangers.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! I made the game based on random percents, which in hindsight I realized that it's pretty frustrating and bad, and yeah I didn't put any sound in because I ran out of time. But thank you for leaving a review!

Thank you! Btw I absolutely loved your game!

Thank you very much!

Really good game! My only complaint is that the movement can be wierd at times.

This is amazing! The dialouge is super funny, and it made me laugh all the time! The platforming sections are a little rough, but the game makes up for it in the dialouge section.

This is amazing! Tbh this could probabaly be a pretty good full release if it's fleshed out more.

Pretty good game! It's a little short, but other than that it's really good! (I liked the ending too)

I loved this game! The concept is amazing and the game looks and plays really well! This game is really good! I loved the little story at the beginning, and the game is really polished!

My 2 criticizims of the game is that the game is super hard in the beginning for me which on the later levels are really fun and really tense but at the beginning it can be pretty frustrating. And when you get the fast moving powerup the character controls get pretty floaty. 

But this game is really good! You did a great job!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I used a randomised approach to the game which in hindsight I don't think was the right desicion. But thanks for enjoying it!

Thanks for your feed back!

Yeah, they do. Red destroys the white enemies. Blue makes you go faster. Green should make you moon jump, but when I exported it, it wouldn't moon jump. White doesn't do anything. 

Thank you so much! This helps me a ton!

Thank you so much! The jank is a little expected, this is my first game in general sooo....

I loved this, it got my attension form the very beginning, and kept it. My only complaint is that the music cuts out after like 1-2 minutes.

I like the visuals, and the music is awesome! This game reminds me of old-school NES games

Really good, and congrats on your first jam!

I liked the unique mechanic!