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Hello! Will you post this game on I am willing to buy the game DRM-free and your other game ASAP!

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Hello, would you post this game on I will try to buy this game and your other game ASAP!

Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!


I tried playing this game on client, but instead of launching the game, it shows setup.exe. I would love to play the game on client. Would you please fix it? Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Hello! Would you make it available on the itch client? Thank you!

Hello! I'd love to play this game on my client. However, it seems like I can't install it there. Would you please help? Thank you!

Hello! I would like to install this on my client to run it from there. Right now I can't seem to be able to install it at the client. Would you please look into this? Thank you!

My issue was the name being off by one. Thank you for looking into it!

Hello, when I try to learn skills in the characters, it shows the character before the selected character. Would you please look into this? Thank you!

Thank you very much, for your game and looking into this!

You're welcome! Thanks for your game and checking into this. You rock!

Hello, can this game be installable on Currently, it can't be. I totally understand if you can't. Thank you!

Hello, can you modify this game to be installable on launcher? If not, I totally understand. Thank you in advance!

Hello! Sorry to contact you here, but is it possible to run the game.exe as part of the launcher? When I launch the game via launcher, I get the extractor, not the game. I'd love to play the game as part of the launcher, but if that's not possible, I understand! Thank you for this game.

Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification!

Wait is this DLC called "The Sky Fortress" or "The Master"? Slightly confused

Hello! Will this be released on Windows? I do not own a Mac!

hello! i saw that you released this game on steam. would you release it here as well? thank you!

Okay, but please let me know if it is once again purchaseable in I would like to own a DRM-free version!

Hello, Paypal declines this transaction although I really want to purchase it. Can you please help?

Hello! Is this game in the full version? I see that it is on Steam but wanted to know if it is on Thank you!

Thank you very much for updating the game here!

Hello! Will there be an aftermath version? Thanks for releasing this!

Hello! Is this game content complete?

Hello! Is this game complete?

Thanks for your reply! Gonna buy soon.

Hello! Is this game complete?

Thank you! I found it. Thanks a lot for making this game also!

This looks great! When will I be able to purchase this awesome game?

Hello! I backed this game on kickstarter. When would we get the reward? So excited to play the game!

Thanks for your quick response and this game! Will buy it asap.

Hello! This game looks fascinating. How close is it to being done??

Thank you so much!

Hello! How do I save in this game? Bought it before, but I am a bit lost. Thank you!

It worked now! Thank you soooooo much!

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Hey there. I am trying to purchase this game with paypal, but I am having problems. It charges my cards (I tried two) but wont buy. Would you please take a look?

Thanks a lot! Stay awesome.

Hello is this game complete?

Hello! Is this game complete?