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Hello! Thank you for making the game, would you please make a windowed mode? Thank you again!

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

Alright! I look forward to it if it gets posted! If you have any other games please upload and I will take a look and buy!

hello! will you make your game purchasable here?

Hello, will there be an English version? I am interested but I do not know French.

Thank you for answering!

hello everyone! I am asking if the itch io version of game is same as the one in steam, regarding its ending and a certain mode. Thank you in advance for answering my question and have a nice day!

Hello! I purchased the game, but cannot download the game from launcher. I just seem to get the demo only. Would you please help?

Hello! Thank you so much for fixing the bug and responding so quickly! The bug is fixed on my side! I hope it's fixed for everyone else as well. 

In the beach graveyard. The end party with all the ghosts seem fine.

Hello! I am totally fan of your work. I would like to report a bug however. After finishing all the dates in hell, i try to mouse over the spirits other than Gail, and keep on only hitting Gail. Would you please fix this bug as soon as possible? Thank you in advance!

Also, when I downloaded the Windows version for my computer, the executable file closes after loading! Would you fix this please? Thank you! I really want to play your game...

Ummm.... IN the downloads and for itch app, the Mac version is the windows versino and the windows version is the mac version. Would you please fix this issue? Thank you in advance!

Hey Studio Namaapa, This is a great game! I enjoyed it tons and spent a lot of time on it. Thank you so much for making this awesome game!

Dear devs,

I tried to download this game through itch but it says there is nothing to download. Why is that so? I would love to play this game on itch, but am puzzled by this development of game being removed....

Hello developer,

I see that the game is no longer available to download. Is there a reason that it is so?

hello daniel, will you release pony island on itch??

Hey Banov! Have been following you and been your fan since dubloon. I remember you always made quality games, including that game I really liked, called Phantasmaburbia. Will you please release it here? Please??? I am willing to buy it again!

Oh okay! Thank you so much!

Hello everyone!

I bought this game already and want to download it through the app. However, it is saying it's not available for windows! Can somebody please help me?