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Hey Studio Namaapa, This is a great game! I enjoyed it tons and spent a lot of time on it. Thank you so much for making this awesome game!

Dear devs,

I tried to download this game through itch but it says there is nothing to download. Why is that so? I would love to play this game on itch, but am puzzled by this development of game being removed....

Hello developer,

I see that the game is no longer available to download. Is there a reason that it is so?

hello daniel, will you release pony island on itch??

Hey Banov! Have been following you and been your fan since dubloon. I remember you always made quality games, including that game I really liked, called Phantasmaburbia. Will you please release it here? Please??? I am willing to buy it again!

Oh okay! Thank you so much!

Hello everyone!

I bought this game already and want to download it through the app. However, it is saying it's not available for windows! Can somebody please help me?