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This game was so much fun to play. I enjoyed the art style and the simple but extravagent story line. The music fitted every scene perfectly and the intro was incredible. Hope you guys dont mind but I made a video on this game for my channel and I cant wait for the next one! :)

Ok, still an amazing game! :)

Hi, I've recently played the game and I was wondering if there were multiple endings or other things that you could do apart from the main story line? :)

Really enjoyed this game, especially because it was made for a school project :) Longer version would be amazing!

Thank you very much! :)

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I enjoyed this game a lot and I liked the twist ;) If you want to see my full reaction it should be below. Enjoy! :)

Hi my name is Phoenix, I play games and upload them to youtube. So far all the games I have played are amaing and huge shout out to the devs of 'A Curious Christmas' because I personally love that game! :)  Channel: Im open to playing any games, message me if you would like me to play and upload your game :))

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I love everything about this game. The music was incredible and the puzzle was challenging enough that I didnt breeze through it, but I didnt get annoyed at it. I fell in love with this game the second I launched it, even the fact that the bed bounces you was amazing. I've made a video on it which is below and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!! :)