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That would be great.  All the major VTT apps support the format.

Love it!

Going to have a save/export function?

Maybe you could support Universal VTT export?  Would make it so that folks could import the maps with wall/door info right into their Virtual Tabletop app.

Glad you figured it out.  I just downloaded each sheet into it's own sub folder and did it from there so that the images are kept with the sheet.


Just the outline of the flags.  They end up with a white outline around them which doesn't always work depending on the palette chosen for the rest.

I extract the individual icons automatically with ImageMagick so I don't actually edit the individual icons normally.

For the curious I use:
magick "perilous_icons.png" -crop 400x400 icons.png

Very cool!  Would love an option to either turn off the flags or set the outline color or both.


Could we get an option to turn off the "shadow" around the outside of the caves?  Would be handy for automatic generation of vision blocking in VTTs.

Thanks.  Until then I can just leave the grid off the map itself and apply a grid in the VTT that is "close enough".

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Very cool!  What is the hex grid size on the exported images?  The face-to-face distance in pixels.  Trying to match the map grid in a VTT and any whole number of pixels I use drifts out of alignment over the width/length of the map.

Going to add export to PNG with transparent background?

When I go to some of the items from the collections it doesn't show it as purchased/downloadable.  Some I know I've downloaded do show correctly.

I think I remember seeing something about them not being added to my library until I actually downloaded them?

The GeoJSON export is a pretty exciting.  Haven't looked at the
GeoJSON spec yet but it seems weird to have the bldg coords in an array of arrays with those having a single element that is an array of arrays.  Expected the coordinates themselves to be in a JSON object like {"x":0.05; "y":0.03}. But maybe that's the spec.

Also, are the coordinates in unit space?  i.e. -1 to +1, x & y, in the "world" plane?  Probably an RTFM for the spec question.

Anyway, looking forward to experimenting with bringing the JSON into a VTT and seeing about drawing the city dynamically instead of importing a static image.