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Here's my review of Corp Borg: Corp Borg is one of the most creative Borg games that has come out yet. The creator takes the banality of office work (something many of us can relate to) and expertly infuses it with Mork Borg metal powered horror. It is a beautiful looking book with great art and the format is much easier to read than many Borg books while still retaining the Mork aesthetic. The game has a hell infused stock market, an arcane coffee machine and you can kill with a stapler. If this doesn't convince you of this game's greatness, nothing will. 

I'm a member of a Facebook group called the Vault of the Atomic Age. It might have some artwork you can use.

The game is looking great!! If you decide to have some sort of funding campaign, I'd definitely back it!

Thanks for the quick response! I recently purchased Hunt, Pox, and Dusk and they look great! I can't wait to run them. I'm really looking forward to your new game Loot. 

Hi! I'm running the Lumen-based game Hell Grinders soon. When an enemy attacks in a Lumen game (after the players have all taken their turns), does the player being attacked make a roll to try and avoid it or does the enemy automatically do their harm? Thanks!

This game looks awesome! I'll be running it on StartPlaying soon. I hope you eventually have a funding campaign to create a printed zine or book. I'll be backing it if you do :

Thanks for the reply!

Hi! I'm running Hell Grinders on Friday. For the Bard's "You Have My Axe" power, it looks like Harm 2 is changed to Harm 1 with the blue ink mark. Does the power do 1 or 2 Harm? Thanks!

Amazing game! Doom was my first computer game I played back in the 1990's and you've taken the coolness of Doom and cranked it up the max! Thank you sir.

Thanks for the quick response :

Thank you! I bought the game and can't wait to run it for my players. Any chance of a print run in the future or expansions?

Hi! I recently discovered and purchased The Company and Psykers and they are fantastic! Any chance of an additional printing of The Company? 

Hi! This game looks great! Does In Thrall to the Burning Teeth come with the game if it's purchased High Voltage Tabletop Bundle?

Any chance of this book having another print run?

Oh! I'm a dope lol. thank you for responding. I went ahead and purchased both PDFs. the game is very cool and I wanted to support the author.

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I purchased the physical book of Cybermetal 2012 and the DLC zine. I tried to forward my receipt but the email gets bounced back to me. Is there a way to get the PDF? Am I using the wrong email? The email I used was and