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Great, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Haha a harmonica was going to be the first instrument, we'll see what people think before we expand though. Hey thanks a bunch for making the video so quick, I'm glad you figured it all out since it was hard getting blind play-testers, you went through it almost exactly as I planned in terms of design =D

Looks well made despite being premade assets, there is something asthetically pleasing about the overall look and tone. Checkpoints would have done wonders and a little more audio polish since spamming so much leads to repetitive sounds which would be fine with a little variation in pitch for example. Overall nice work =]

Sorry bout that, updated and took it out =]

Cheers thanks for the feedback! yea wasn't sure which would be more confusing when it came to direction as you went around so left it thinking it would be more confusing having to switch left and right as you go round the bottom. Glad you liked the music even though it was a pun seeing as its drum an bass =P

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Thanks for the kind words =]

Cool thanks for the feedback!

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