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Thanks a bunch for your kind words!  Definitely post a screenshot of your score for us when you beat the game!

Thanks, we appreciate your feedback!  A scoreboard / leaderboard is definitely something we'll be looking into implementing in the future, stay tuned!

Unfortunately not at this time, but I believe the Windows build should work well in Linux with Wine or Steam Play.

Awesome!  See if you can get to the end, and if you do, definitely let us know!

Great game so far, really looking forward to the final release!

Please let us know any bugs you encounter in v. 0.2 or above in this thread. Steps to reproduce/screenshots are much appreciated!

As we're still in development, please feel free to give us your feedback below  - constructive criticism, ideas you'd like to see implemented in the game, and gushing about how sexy we are (well okay, any pick-me-ups) are welcome. Check the "PLANNED 1.0 FEATURES" sticky for information on what is planned for the final game and our Devlogs for updates about what's in the works/coming soon.

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For the final game, we plan to have what's in the currently released version (0.1) and additionally:

  • 4 uniquely styled floors
  • A few more randomized/procedural elements, such as a small random chance for a mini-boss or unexpected enemy to pop up in various rooms.
  • Up to 4 player local co-op (including two additional playable characters)
  • Meta-progression: crystals you collect will be currency that allow you to purchase permanent unlockables that aid in your progression or add even more variety to each run.
  • Larger variety of perks, abilities, enemies, & bosses.
  • Remappable controls and other options