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I think its Spencer but thats just a theory...A Game Theory...

Is it possible you have the option on that blocks app downloads from unknown sources, (i.e other than the google play store)

Dont quote me on this but I think its Spencer Day 26 and Coach Day 29. 

If your referring to Day 25 of Spencers Route its only available for Patrons At  The Moment

your loss they each have their own interesting backstory if you choose their routes

Azaghal and Bam are Not Dynes Characters therfore the Answer is No

Press the H key to hide the UI

The glowing eyes is a reference to Sans. And the line "Your Going To Have To  Try Harder than that" Are the exact Words spoken By Undyne during her Genocide route Battle.

Did  anyone  else notice the very obvious allusions to Undertale here ?

Unless you consider Monika A Virus then  No

i dont know if this is  glitch or not but...