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So I can finish my project, lol.

Maybe I'm wrong, but you are not the one who uploaded this to steam, right?

Yeah, you were right! I tried the new version and worked perfectly

Hey, I tried to play the level 2, the part with the 5 rats. The game always crash when I'm trying to get up to the ramp.

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I think you can, maybe in the end it will drop a few fps. It was tested on a toaster too.

I tried it in another computer, with an Rx 590 gpu, didn't work either, same bug.

Thanks man! I'll watch it now, even if you ended up hating the game, any kind of criticisms is valid to me.

Intel 3-3770k and gpu is Rx 570 amd. Maybe that helps, this computer can run anything practically without problems.

I tried to play it but after the loading screen the game doesn't show, the screen stays completely black. Sounds can be heard but nothing else happens.

I found the code, but I don't know where to use it, any hint?

There was a code in the background, but I don't in what that could be used, any hints?

Hey, what about the code?

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Hey guys, if you speak spanish and want to listen to a discussion podcast about Effigy, watch our video: 

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Hey guys, if you speak spanish and want to listen to a discussion podcast about Effigy, watch our video: 

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Look at THE torch

When the clock reach to 4, the game ends and "the nightmare" resets

I really liked this one, nice art and effective story.


Win 7 x64 ultimate edition, I'm still having the same bug.

I couldn't start the game, an error pops up.

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I'm calling it, this game will win the jam. Also I spend a solid hour trying to win the game but I couldn't get the right combination of evidences, rip.

I don't have another pc to test it, I made a new version with a vsync on/off option in the pause menu, I think that will do the trick but I'm not entirely sure.

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Fixed AI bug. Added text about the objetive. Added a Pause menu after pressing "Escape".

Added a Vsync On/Off option in the Pause menu.

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I added a text in the beginning about the goal and fixed the bug with the AI, thanks for the feedback and for sharing your thoughts in all the other game on the jam!

Thanks for the feedback, I fixed the bug with the AI.

This is the first game I rate with 5 stars on visuals.

I only see a splash the moment I open the .exe of the game, no matter where I click or what button I press nothing happen


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I don't know if its just me, but the mouse look doesn't work, I can only move but can't aim at all

I spend a good 10 mins figuring out how to play

Well deserved first place, gg man.

This game have the only 5 stars in Theme I gave on this jam.


I know, we barely make it in time and couldn't show or tell more about whats going on and the puzzle, I'm currently working on an update to fix that.

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Thanks! And anything that doesn't show the green outline when aimed isn't meant to be picked up. So yeah, only the skeleton parts and other item, the rest of the things that look somewhat special are there to give hints to about the puzzle . And the water is evil or something (I'm working on an update to explain and show a bit more)

Yeah, sometimes the game wont respond to the jump command, sometimes happened when I was at the edge of a plataform or was trying to perform a triple jump. but after that, is all good.

Great game, I really enjoyed it, first game in this jam I had fun until the end of the game, nice work.