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Oh that's so cool, thanks!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much!

I definitely want to try it out, I love really heavy sci-fi stuff.  Also, if that's more your thing, the full Rose of Starcross game might be a little bit more to your tastes than the demo!

Unrelated! I'd actually never heard about it until about a month ago!

Thank you! I will!

Thank you!! The full game isn't out yet but it'll be coming out on Switch and PS4 too when it does!

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No problem! It's the Enter key! There's a schematic when you load up the game, give it a good look over!

Hi there! Did you equip the magic in the pause menu?

Thank you so much! This was pretty chill to watch!

Oh I loved this! Thank you for playing!

Aw thank you so much! I've already watched the first episode and I can't wait to watch the others!

Thank you! And try using your magic on the dark purple spot on the ground!

Hi! Sorry but I won't be able to do that, it would take a ton of work to a mac version and I unfortunately don't have the time or resources

Sorry! Windows PC only!

Thank you that means the world to me!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! And yeah I plan to keep the challenge for sure! In regards to the speedier animations - the (currently unused) "Enemy Attacks" in the difficulty settings will modify or swap out enemy animations for trickier stuff. That and there should be more challenging preset modes as well.

Thank you! And yes I agree! I have that enemy in the demo just to sort of show people some of the different types/styles of enemies that can show up later on, etc. The final version (and perhaps even in an update of this demo soon) there will be a simpler enemy in it's place and the current version of the undead will show up later in the main game or will be the hard mode version of the undead enemy

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Thank you so much!

I really appreciate that! Working hard on it!

Thanks!! I really appreciate it!

Hard to say really, as far as the demo goes almost definitely not, unfortunately.

This was greeaat!

I loved this so much, man! Thank you for playing it!

Thank you!! And yes the game auto-saves as of this demo!

Okay thank you! It seems that this happens when running the game from the desktop app (tried it myself a few times and every time it froze). However just downloading the file and running the application by itself, I can't replicate the crash. So the good news is - if you still haven't seen the ending, you can just download the ZIP above and extract it like normal, load your file, and you should be able to watch it! I'm still working on fixing this problem in an update so hopefully that won't take too long!

Thank you for letting me know! I know someone else had a soft lock issue here. Was there a crash report like the one yanalao posted below or did the game just freeze? If there was a report I would really appreciate a screenshot if you wouldn't mind loading it up again! Otherwise that is THE final scene so you didn't miss too much, but regardless I'm sorry you didn't get to finish it! Thanks for the report and kind words, working every day to fix this stuff!

Thanks for letting me know that context helps a lot! I'm so sorry you lost your progress but I think I know what might have caused the issue (or at least where to start looking.) Hopefully if you decide you want to go back and play through it should go much much faster!

Thank you so much for sending me this! Can you remember where you were or at what point this happened? Was it after running into an enemy or was it after falling in water/off a ledge/hit by fire and then getting an automatic encounter? And thank you for the kind words as well!

Just added a Version 4 of the game that has a "Demo" mode that cuts down on the intro a bit, and walks the player better through the tutorial and first dungeon. If you like the openness of the previous versions that is still completely in-tact as "Full Version" mode! This update also adds and fixes some minor stuff so check it out!

Greatly appreciated!

Wow, thank you! Yeah, any word of mouth would be extremely appreciated! As for the chest, trust me that's almost always the last one people figure out!

Thank you that's so sweet! Hope you keep liking it!

Thank you very much! Lots of stuff in tandem but if you mean the workstation I use, I use Studio One 3 mostly! And for sounds I use a combinations of soundfonts, chip sounds, live instruments, snes samples, my own samples, annnd the list goes on!

Ya got me on that one! In all seriousness, it's mostly for the people who look for buzz words like "story-rich" and "story-driven." It's also just reassurance for the people that like a lot of story that there will be a sizable amount of story. That way I don't have to go too far into detail and spoil/bore anyone with story from a game they haven't experienced yet.

Thank you, man! I really appreciate you playing through it!

Rose of Starcross is a turn-based, story-driven RPG with platforming elements created by a solo developer inspired by the Mario RPG series, the MOTHER series, modern indies, and even games like Punch-Out!

The story is based in mystery and subtlety and focuses mainly on the characters and the state of the world! Please check it out as this is in support of an upcoming Kickstarter!

For gameplay, watch the teaser and check the gifs below! Thank you!

Rose of Starcross Demo page here