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Very nice experiment! I don't think I'd go too far with the invisible platforms idea in a full game, but non-Euclidean mechanics are always cool to mess around with.

When can we expect the game to be updated on Itch? It's still on an old version.

Já me disseram que funciona em Linux usando o Proton

Great, thanks a lot! This extension is really handy.
I'll also take this opportunity to say I've read your blog for years now! Thank you for all these wonderful resources you've created, you've helped many many people.

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Here's a small example. If you run this in a Draw Event, you'll notice that the black words look correct, while the red ones only show a part of the word correctly. It seems that tj_encode() is to blame.

var obj = tj_object("salmão", "Cátia");
var xx = room_width/2;
var yy = 100;
draw_text(xx, yy, "salmão");
draw_text(xx, yy+50, "calças");
draw_text(xx, yy+100, "Nazaré");
draw_text(xx, yy+150, tj_encode("salmão"));
draw_text(xx, yy+200, tj_decode(tj_encode("salmão")));
draw_text(xx, yy+250, tj_decode(tj_encode("calças")));
draw_text(xx, yy+300, tj_decode(tj_encode("Nazaré")));
draw_text(xx, yy+350, tj_get(obj, "salmão"));
draw_text(xx, yy+400, tj_encode(obj));

By the way, I was able to circumvent the problem with that trick I mentioned, so I don't have any urgency in getting this fixed. Let me know if I can help further!

EDIT: I tested with some Japanese characters and they also disappeared. However, I tested tj_encode("вадим") and it displayed "2048<" with the quotes included.

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Hey, I'm using TJSON for my master's thesis and I'm having issues when using strings with special characters (áàâãéêúíóõôç). When I encode (and then decode) them, they seem to get messed up ("salmão" gets drawn as "salm") but the strings are drawn normally when I don't encode+decode them with TJSON. It's not just when drawing, it happens any time I use TJSON on a string.

Any ideas on how I could prevent this? If necessary, I could probably get away with converting them to ASCII, turning "salmão" into "salm~ao" and then converting back, but I'd prefer to avoid that sort of hack, of course. Thanks a lot.

EDIT: I should mention that I'm using GameMaker: Studio 1.4.9999


Yeah, we won :)  They discreetly edited the Jam's main page.

Thank you both for playing!

Let's hope your prediction comes true, nns2009 :P

I believe the game will freeze when you speak to the character "Dentolas", leaving you unable to progress in the game. So you may have to end up playing the pre-compiled version. Sorry, for the trouble!

We'll be uploading a post-mortem soon, for anyone curious about the development process.

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We had trouble building the game into an executable file due to some errors relating to FAtiMA DLLs, so originally we submitted only the source code in our jam entry. But yesterday we were able to solve the problem, with help from one of the FAtiMA developers.

We've now uploaded the builds to the game's page, so the game can be played more conveniently (there's a Web version and a Windows version). It's the same project we submitted originally, we didn't extend the game or add any new features. Full disclosure, we did fix two critical bugs that made the game unplayable, but left all other bugs untouched. Thanks!