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Petit Suisse

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really kool pixels! 🙃

ping me up if youd like to team up on any other jam ✨

really cool!

whoa, nice bug there! i'll try to reproduce it and fix it any time soon, who knows hahahah

we planned on making 3 levels, but werent able to finish any of those cause we ran out of time. we plan on finishing it later and let you know heheh

thanks for playing! 💫

yea, we ran out of time!

we planned on making 3 levels, 3 different enemies and one boss, but you know how jam goes hahah

we intend to release a 'playable' version later on ✨

thanks for playing and for the feedback!

yea, i also had to test it on my own all the way! hahaha

but i plan to try and make it online after some break from the jam, we'll see :)

The battle concept idea it's actually from Ikenfell, i just kinda mixed them both together into an 8 bit style.

I recommend it if you haven't played yet! :)

I've just uploaded a linux release!

But you'll need to have mono installed, though. Just type on terminal, from the folder where you unzip the file:

mono "Robo Charge.exe"

Let me know if it works <3

i don't know if it's worth the effort, since it was a jam game. i don't even know if this version is playable. But i'll see if i can build a linux release this week and let you know!