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im gonna trust the litteral creator of the game more than you, sorry

in all seriousness, what are the spawn conditions for this lad to be in the graveyard, is it after you kill the creator? I want to know for the wiki

Now that juice school can be revisited, i noticed all of the other planet like objects surrounding it. Is there a name for these planetoids?

Juice World community · Created a new topic stupid idea

What if you could fly back up to Juice School after you get to the wilderness, with some unique dialog from ms. slitherinss (and perhaps more lasers)

question, is there any special event if you don't die during the incinerator

Juice World community · Created a new topic Wiki

hi again, so as you know a wiki has been made, and while it is fan made, i thought i should let you know that your free to correct anything wrongly stated on there.

oooooh ok, thank you! btw, great game!

nevermind i figured it out, just happens after a few minutes of waiting at the graveyard.

Juice World community · Created a new topic how to vampire

i wanna be a vampire lol, saw alphabetagamer's video on it and he became a vampire after digging up a grave i think.

this mod is awesome. pure gold. I mean, all the weapons were cool, but then i started opening crates, and i laughed my ass off when i found the pocket revenants.

great game, but i heard that other demos had different things in them, it would be cool if you could upload the major demos (like the halloween update and stuff  like that)

thanks for letting me know

now i wont be trying to wall run all the way to the commons


oh and a glitch, if you mash the climb button while wall running, you won't go down until you reach the end of the wall

any ideas on how to progress after that?