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You can check out these resources:

Amongst others.

BTW, @dev, do you have any plans to build the Qt version for Emscripten and make Tiled run as Web App with Google Drive/OneDrive export/import functionality? This will be nice? If no, I MAY try to build it myself for that case.

I'm looking forward for a version with many more levels and multiplayer :) Great idea

It reminds me of Limbo at some moments. Will definitely play these days to test it out.

Reminded me a lllliiiiiittle it of my favorite Nintendo similar game: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. 

The project is WIP, and the next version will include more content including some of the initial puzzle color mechanics as well as the complete story-telling scene where the Corruptor steals the color out of the Splatians' world and the actual game begins.

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Hello fellow Splatians. Even though we missed the GDC, we are exited.  #notatGDC

Today we've released a very small initial demo of our upcoming game, ColorBlend FX. It's a 2.5D puzzle-platformer with metroidvania elements and color-puzzle mechanics (though not in this demo yet) where your mission is to stop the evil plans of the Corruptors to rule the world and return its color back.

Check it out, follow and give feedback! A even better demo with more gameplay is coming in several weeks.