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Here you go :)

burger wrap was my favorite

thanks for playing!

Very fun game! Liked the atmosphere a lot

The bosses are so much fun! Would love to see more!

Thanks for the report! I'll try to get a final update out sometime soon...

Glad you liked and thanks so much for making the video!

Hello! Twitter dms or Discord would probably work best - Peteksi#1727 on there

Good job both of you! The speedrunning Discord server also has  many of the strats documented and explained.

Yeah, sure!


Hello, I'm Peteksi and this is my first game, To a Starling! I actually released it some weeks ago, but only now learned about this category. Anyway, the game is a short and sweet platformer made in PICO-8. You play as a bird with magical teleportation abilities that take different forms as the challenges get more difficult. A brave rotating portal, an unsurprising falling portal, and the good old stationary portal. You use these powers in a small world that I hope evokes at least the slightest sense of exploration.

Play it here:

Features music made by the PICO-8 legend Gruber!

Sadly WASD is not possible with Pico as far as I know

Thank you! And yes, you got all the berries.


This could help, however it seems like it doesn't work always. Having this problem in the editor was very annoying (it hasn't happened after I updated Godot). Anyway, I've enjoyed this game a lot so far!

I'm having a visual glitch in this area, parts of the tileset are invisible

Looks great!