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Pete Ellison

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Ahh, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love your Miku!!!

Da-na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaa-naaaaa! *badoonk* *badoonk* *badoonk*

Ah thank you so much, this is really cute!

Really fun, great presentation, and that music slaps! Great stuff!

Woah, immediately took me back to hypercard days. Cool aesthetics!

Thank you!

More fun and more accurate than Oregon Trail.

Wonderful puppet, and delightfully weird :)

Scratched that Pitfall itch and then some. It's pretty exciting when you get the star. Thank you!

This has a really fun graphic style and the songs are cool! Well done!

Charming, silly, weird, and a very fun idea. Great job!

Very good eggplant!!! Thank you for streaming it!!!!

aw thanks so much Heck!

Excellent bear 10/10!


Hi everyone! I'm a visual artist & sometimes game designer & music maker too. I just released a browser-based project called MeltyHeart, an experimental chill art-making app inspired by fusion/'Perler Bead' art! Try it out here:

To start, drag some colored beads onto the peg board and make something cool! When you're happy with your design, click the iron button and iron your design until the beads get all melty. Then, save your design to a .png file on your computer (be patient, it can sometimes take a second... then check your browser's download location). Can't decide what to make? Well, making a bear is always a safe bet. You can make a creature, a new friend, an avatar for yourself, a cool abstract pattern, your favorite game character, or just start placing colors and see what happens!

Design, art & music by Pete Ellison (Web: / Instagram: @peteellisonstudio)

Wonderful! Love the rainbow vibes!!


Aww, I love him! Thank you so much for checking it out!

Very good bear!!

Who knew being an artist could be so fun!

Super cute! Wonderful art and a really inventive way to tell a story!

Very well done, cute art and fun gameplay!

I love him!

Any chance of a mac version of this? It looks phenomenal btw, I really love the art style. Shmups are my jam :) Cheers!

I'm so excited to help Inspiration Fairy get his stupid filthy wands back!

So good! Definitely has that "just one more round" quality :)

Thanks for making a game with me Vince and Mary!