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Pete Forster

A member registered Nov 05, 2017

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Good news - keep up the good work.  A great application should get even better.

Try running it as an administrator (right click for this option)

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Whilst anything's possible I don't think so as it seemed fine at the point of saving and then wasn't when I reopened. I had however been fiddling a lot with terrain heights prior to placing the rocks so maybe that did something odd. I'll let you know if it happens again. Thanks for getting back to me - fun piece of software.

This is really good.

Just tested some more and it now seems to work without running as admin.

Minor thing. This is only an issue if, like me, you have placed the application into the Windows program files folder. Unless you run as admin the screenshots don't save.

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When I reopened a saved file the rocks were no longer on the ground but hovering in the air. See below screen shot. These should have been all on the ground or in the water. (Windows 10 64 bit)

I started version 1.2 on Windows 10 for the first time, having moved the folder into my Program Files folder, and it got to the splash screen before crashing back to the desktop. On my second attempt I ran it as an administrator and it started and worked correctly. I don't know if the admin did it or it just started the second time. Either way 1.2 is working okay at the moment. BTW - this is a really fun piece of software. Sort of like Bryce Lite - very relaxing and recommended to anyone who likes to fool around with 3D landscapes etc. I would love to see editable terrain and the ability to import 3D objects.