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Thanks for this game, it's been a while since I've had this much pure, unadulterated fun

I got the pie number!

That was really fun! It was satisfying to customize and organize my dice. Here's what my final layout looked like:

Someone suggested having a round cap. I think an alternative solution could be Pawnbarian's reward system, where every turn you take decreases the loot.

Actually, when choosing a new die, there are little icons you can hover over that show the special abilities (albeit, they are hard to notice).

Definitely agree with the enemy info suggestion. There's already a bunch of randomness/mystery involved with your own dice, so it'd be nice to make everything else more clear/reliable.

Thanks for the reply! You're right, it feels a lot better to have smaller hitboxes than larger ones.

Really enjoyable game! The level design is intuitive and flowy, and the atmosphere gives me warm Christmas-y vibes. ^-^

My main feedback visually is that some of the tall plants look like spikes. Maybe change the blue a lil' bit so it's less similar to the white?

My main feedback gameplay-wise is that it's too easy to land safely to the side of a spike. It made the level below a piece of cake.

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Really cool way of working the jam's prompt into the gameplay! Come to think of it, this counts as a second-person shooter, right?!

My main feedback would be to decrease the hitbox of the palm trees and maybe allow the player to shoot diagonally.

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Second try! :D This is a super engaging game!

Happy New Year! This is a really innovative concept with a charming, adorable style. I'll definitely be hearing Lauret in my sleep tonight lol.

Dragging Feedback: The dragging is a bit wonky since the mouse's screen position is piped directly to the frog's position on the Y plane. Here's a tutorial I found that applies: wow so cool! Also, it's possible to drag the frogs off-screen or have them jump off-screen by themselves.

Rhythm Feedback: It was extremely satisfying to weave 2 frog patterns together. However, sometimes my chain would break despite no collision occurring (example below). Maybe add a tiny grace period to make sure this doesn't happen?

Take all my criticism with a grain of salt; I realize you made this in under 72 hours, which is \ay more than I've ever done. I still love this project immensely! Shoutout to your mum btw.

Love how you tied the player movement to the rhythm! The movement beats are tight enough to sound in-sync with the music, but not tight enough to feel restrictive.

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Been playing for a surprising number of hours, and I've beaten the Queen Bee 3 times! Here's my best run:

Die in the Dungeon - Petarus' Record

Current Strategy:

  • Upgrade the boost die, then attack die, then block die to gold.
  • Destroy as many dice as possible, leaving only those 3 + heal die.
  • Increase health if both Upgrade and Destroy are unavailable.
  • Around level 10, start adding more dice and upgrading them.
  • Prioritize hollow dice. Never choose glass dice.
  • Around level 17, destroy the heal die.