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okay thanks!!

will you be adding a buy-able copy onto

I'm confused is the game finished or what??

I need to know what the battle music song is

This has potential! Perhaps you could set different course levels  which each one getting harder and harder as you progress. Also add at least some sort of background music.

this game already had my interest but then I saw that Picnic at Hanging Rock  was in inspiration for this game and I was super excited for that is one of my favorite movies/books.

it might actually be downloading Ithought the same thing but then I noticed the download up top

never mind you were right it was a permission issue I fixed it 

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here is the message I keep getting and when I get click okay the game freezes

I'm also having the same problem I've tried searching my documents folders and other places and I can not find at all every time I click on the computer in the game I get unable to find file. no such file  or directory and then the game freezes