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It is mostly inspired by the easter egg in Sonic CD. I really like creepy easter eggs in games, especially when they are eerie and ambiguous. And yeah bizarreness is what I was going for. A complete shift in pace and feel relative to the game itself

Check the game's discord server

I just used the built in animator inside Unity

Go ahead

Probably not, sorry

While game is open, try Alt+Enter. If that doesn't work, try Windows Key+Enter.

C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\LocalLow\Perveloper\Captivity\xGameDB.db

Maybe one day, but right now it wouldn't be a smart choice for me

Ah I see. I'm sorry to hear that. I can't really relate to general anxiety disorder, as in my case it's very specifically social anxiety disorder. I hope anxiety's effects will lessen over time as you learn to accept yourself for who you are.

I'm sure you are a great sarcastic asshole ;)

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I've been suffering from social anxiety as well for around 8 years now. I know I shouldn't care about what others think of me, but convincing a stubborn mind which is used to a way-of-thinking for nearly its whole life is not that easy. But I'm getting there, slowly. I don't know how badly social anxiety is affecting your everyday life, but do know that you can overcome it. It's not even that hard. It just takes a little bit of time, a good amount of persistance and consistency, and you will get there almost guaranteed.

This book/audiobook is incredible and a strong recommendation: (make sure you are getting the audio tapes as well)

I'm passionate about this because social anxiety has ruined many years of my life and made me lose so many chances and opportunities. Nobody deserves to suffer like this. Social anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in the world and the sad part is that so many people brush it off as you "just being shy", or that you should "just stop whining" and you should "just be normal". On a certain level, these people are actually not wrong. However, social anxiety can sometimes get so complex and intertwined that it requires a bit more to be "cured" from it. At this point you can call it a disorder and saying: "you're just a little shy" is a severe understatement.
But, like I said, it's very curable and very very possible to overcome. So please kick social anxiety's ass and spit on its grave when it inevitably lies in it's deathbed.

Back to h-games: I think you are right, h-games will slowly become more and more mainstream. It's already happening. Steam is a good example of this. I plan on releasing a new h-game some time in the future. I've learned alot from Captivity and plan on using this knowledge to create a better lewd game.

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Try to make your desktop resolution 1366x768 or 1920x1080

This already happened in the beginning right after I put up the Discord server. After 3 days I started to feel like vomiting because of all the pressure and excited people who kept asking for new content. Thankfully another h-game dev contacted me and gave me some advice which helped. But I can still feel the stress and anxiety everytime I think of Captivity. It's just something I have to deal with somehow. I'm starting to think that ignoring the Discord server is the best way to go. But you're definitely right, this sorta stuff makes me want to hide and cower away. But that would be a shame so I'm gonna try not to do that. Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words everybody, I really appreciate it

In case you're wondering for the next update, or have general questions, check the Discord

The community made a femboi mod. You can find it on the Discord server. Have fun

Thank you brother, those extra donations really add up. More content coming soon! 

I'm glad you like it. Eventually buying the game really does support me, so thank you for that. Have fun, more content coming soon!

Thx for reporting, I will look into this. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I'm sorry you got addicted haha. Have fun ;) 

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Try to run the game as admin. If that doesn't work, check if a save file (xGameDb.db) is present at Locallow\Perveloper\Captivity. Google how to get to LocalLow. If that file is 0kb, delete that file and try to run the game again as admin. 

If that doesn't work, join the Discord channel and contact me through the #bug-report channel. 

New stages are coming!

More content is definitely coming!

I feel flattered, thank you. It's possible that I will add controller support one day

The hypno experiment could be bugged, please wait for an update. 

The samus experiment requires you to roll through 50 energy blasts from 50 different Sqoids, so you can't farm one Sqoid

I'm glad you like the game! 

That sort of stuff is really hard to do in 2d games. I don't think that will ever be a thing. Pregnancy stomach bulge however?.. Wait for next update

Only specific enemies can

You can squish Maggots by running over them too, in case you didn't know

Animating takes alot of time so creating most animations x2 just for the mind break is a little too much.  If Strength reduction is stopped while holding S than the game will go on forever. The idea is that your Strength is drained by the actions of the one whos fucking you. There's a difficulty option too, just in case. 

Thank you for playing! 

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Did you follow the copying instruction when you downloaded the newer version? Make sure the names of save files are the same. If the save file in the new version is 0kb, it means it's corrupted and dead. Make sure the game is closed while you copy.

I'm gonna make a discord group tomorrow, I will add a link on itch page and also f95zone

I think I know what you're talking about. The permabuff icons is a good idea. I will try that sometime. I could also try to apply word wrapping so longer status effects are multilined instead of everything in one line. Thanks for the ideas!

Haha. That's a good idea. A christmas update... 'xxxmas' update. I will think about that one

I just released a new build with a different bug fix, so I'm not going to upload a new one immediately cause the bug you mention is not that impactful. Thanks for reporting! And if you like helping me out by posting bugs like this, all the better! I will manage my workload, so keep the feedback coming

Fixed the bug and released v1.0.5b. Thanks for reporting

You were really lucky this time

It's luck haha

Damnit. I'm gonna fix that as soon as possible. 

Bondage? I was never into it. But I can try to get into it. I know alot of people like it. 

I like tentacles but doing tentacle animations is kinda hard considering I'm using skeletal animations. It's definitely possible but slightly harder than the average animation. Maybd I will add tentacles on a stage one day. 


I am planning to add new guns every once in a while, so maybe I will ad some sort of AK. 

Melee weapons would be quite different from guns, so that would take some time to implement. Also I have to consider if they won't be overpowered but I already got some ideas to make them balanced. So maybe one day I will add them!

College is going fine, don't worry about it!