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Heinrich Himmler

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Great game! It's very hard, and not long, as you've described. I'd pay a good chunk of cash for a multiplayer version with some more content. This is a fairly promising little game, and even in the current state, would be very fun to play against another player! I love the simplicity of it all, and due to such, it seems like this would be fairly easy to expand upon. I'm looking forward to future content updates if there are any  (especially a multiplayer!). My one huge issue with this game is that my saves aren't saving. I save the game, I quit the game, I open it up later, and the save file doesn't exist. This seems to be a pretty big bug, but the game is still great, and multiplayer would make it a hundred times better nonetheless.

Thank you greatly for this unholy masterpiece. I never thought someone would do this and always wanted someone to after seeing the AVGN episode, but it was done.

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"Everquest, but not nearly as good"

- Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, seconds prior to death, May 23rd, 1945

I was playing in the browser on windows 10

It didn't tell me my location :/

Great game! The last puzzle really took some time for me, but it was worth it!

I'm in love with this, it's an amazing experience

Amazing! Really gave me some much needed inspiration for a few of my own upcoming projects!

Welp, It's been 172 days since I've been active. I finally came back to re-learn the controls. I'm still open to hosting a tournament, I'll send you an email however with my further inquiries.

Yes, Discord is very much worhtwhile. I would love to take a look

Sadly they are not, but I have worked on smaller titles such as Bomberman remake called Hide And Go Boom, and other arcade style games that will be released hopefully sometime mid 2019. I don't have much VR experience, but I could surely be the writer, overall these sound like fantastic ideas. If you have discord I would love to message you more on there.

Yes, I enjoyed it very much, and I think that is an amazing idea. I work as a writer and semi-designer for many different projects, and if you ever need to make a fully original, arcade racer-inspired game, I would love to help in any way I can.

This is absolutely fantastic

I'm in love!

Thanks for letting me know! What is your E-Mail? I've started thinking out how the tournament can be done

What are the world records for the tracks? Also I am an indie game dev myself and would love to help out with this game in any way I can. If not the game itself, I have hosted tournaments on other games and could help host one here. This is one of the best games I've played and will never leave my desktop (or regular play schedule).

Well i hate to sound weird or anything and i know im some complete stranger and all but do you have some email for me to contact you by? if not that is alright i just had some ideas and more coming from some of my own unfinished products, and people have stolen ideas and storylines and so much more from right under my nose. again sorry to jump on this being a completely unknown weirdo