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Thanks for letting me know! What is your E-Mail? I've started thinking out how the tournament can be done

What are the world records for the tracks? Also I am an indie game dev myself and would love to help out with this game in any way I can. If not the game itself, I have hosted tournaments on other games and could help host one here. This is one of the best games I've played and will never leave my desktop (or regular play schedule).

Well i hate to sound weird or anything and i know im some complete stranger and all but do you have some email for me to contact you by? if not that is alright i just had some ideas and more coming from some of my own unfinished products, and people have stolen ideas and storylines and so much more from right under my nose. again sorry to jump on this being a completely unknown weirdo

Me and a friend of mine would love to stream this game. It is a wonderful Viking game and I have seen none other like it. Us two are Swedish and love our heritage! Anyways is it okay to stream this game??