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Hey there! That is correct, they're 32x32.

Hey there! Thanks for considering to purchase the pack. The animations are not cross-compatible, since the styles of the two packs are very different. You're not really missing out on any important animations, instead more standard animations like walking, attack, etc. are more detailed in this pack. Hope that helps!

Currently, it depends on the scope. Feel free to e-mail me with more details at!

Hey there! You're free to use these in any engine that you'd like, so long as you adhere to the EULA. I haven't used MV much personally, so you will probably have to do a bit of tinkering to get them to work well with it. Hope that helps!

It hasn't been tested in GMS2, but you should have no issue importing the spritesheets. Most sprites and tiles are in 32x32 pixels, or multiples thereof.

The pack hasn't been tested in Godot, but using the spritesheets shouldn't be a problem!

The sprites are made in 32x32 sizes!

Most of the monsters are 4-directional, save for, for example, the ghasts that always face forward and instead have facial varieties.

Hi there! The bosses are only forward-facing, due to the amount of animation frames featured.

This and the other Retro Pixel packs are 32x32.

Hey! You're free to make your own custom assets for use in your own projects. Look at the existing hairstyles for reference.

Click logo to get to the page!

Visit the green hills, chill at the snowy mountains and don't forget to bring sunscreen to the desert dunes!

Retro Pixel Landscapes is a high quality tilesets asset pack, bringing variety and life to your 2D environments. It features 3 biomes; grass, snow and sand. Each biome features 3 sets of wall types and a set of decoration objects each. Make your very own, retro inspired worlds easily with the Unity Tilemap-ready assets! Also available for other engines as spritesheet images.

Available now for $12.50!

Feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions here or on the asset page. I'll be opening up all my asset packs to have comment threads, as I have more time to be able to moderate and respond to them now.

Hey there! I couldn't reliably offer support for a port to Linux, so it's not currently in the plans, I'm afraid. Thanks for checking in still!

Hi, Das_Wasser!

There is currently no playable demo of the game, since the length of the game is about 30 mins to an hour.