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Could you possibly make a zipped version of the game for dl? I dled it on android and got the dlc, but I kinda want a zipped version to move to my next phone in a couple months. Problem is, it won't be an American phone... or even to launch from desktop would be cool.

HypnoLabVR community · Created a new topic updates?

When is it planned to fix the main version to work without vr?

Will updates be available to those who payed on this site? The reason I ask is because I had previously purchased from here and would like to know if it has updates supported or it a new purchase will be required.

I am sorry, I really didn't know what I was doing because I am new to messing around with those things. I just remember reading that it was a missing image error message...

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Hey dev I found a bug I believe. When the counselor arrives to tell the mother about the incident at school, even when the mother already knows about the relationship and is a part of it, the game treats it as if she doesn't and the argument ensues where she is angry with the player. However, after the exchange ends, it automatically continues to where she says there needs to be a family meeting to decide on what to do about the problem. I also happened upon an error where riley moves in and everyone but liza is pregnant. Images missing I believe is what the error said.

Not gonna lie here, I had little to no hope for this game, but i was pleasantly surprised. I do think the male protagonist is a little weird looking but that's probably just me. Overall an interesting and fun game! Also, the women are really interesting!

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Serious question for the Dev's here and I may be wrong. Is there a reason the son seems to be getting the short of the stick via interaction with all of the characters? The father's route choices all seem to have a realistic effect that can help impact how the characters feel about him, but the sons route choices seem to always end up getting him nowhere. Is this intentional or am I correct in noticing this?
Edit: I guess that wasn't really a question was it? Sorry about that. My question is more like, why does it feel like the son's route feels stagnant where as the fathers route seems to push the story along?

Thanks, that helps, because I was wondering why it was taking so long to make money otherwise lol

Hey, I wanted to leave a comment on here because your game has really impressed me so far! I usually do not play these kinds of games, but I decided to give yours a chance and I wanted to let you know that it is absolutely great! I constantly feel like searching out the characters where ever they are in the hotel to converse or progress their story, I find myself wondering how my choices will affect the characters personalities. I literally have been playing this game for at least 4 hours straight now, and I hope you continue working on this project. I do have a single suggestion though, in terms of making money to progress specific character story lines. It would be very helpful to get an explanation of how making money faster could work. I know that Ellen explains the pin-up method, but the description still feels a little vague. If that was intentional then it's fine the way it is, if not that honestly was the only thing that confused me during gameplay. Either way I seriously look forward to seeing further updates to this game in the future. Thanks for the hard work you've put into it so far, I really enjoy it!

It honestly was so Easy xD

last save on day 17, on day 30 during celebration cinematic, game crashes losing 15 days of progress.