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Yes lol

Ok, but jokes aside, man, this game makes me feel like this guy: 

There's a certain amount of pain that I just can't understand, like I've never felt like this, but after playing the game I feel like maybe I understand it a bit. I certainly feel pretty depressed right now, which is honestly a commendable achievement for a writer. Maybe the story isn't as intricate as your other games, maybe it's not as interesting narratively, but I really feel like you got the overall feel down pat.

You also did the epic gamer references right this time, since they felt in-character and something that kind of person would say (what kind of person that is exactly, I can't say, but the fact that the character of Bee is so unexplored leaves enough room to suspend your disbelief unlike soul and brittle). I think you've really improved in your writing, and I look forward to see you get even better and dab on the yiiks and doki dokis of the world.

Also, if this really is what you originally had in mind of al filo del sol, man, I could not have changed it more. I really respect your presentation, even if afds has more stuff from a gameplay/story perspective, it's not even like a millionth as good as this game when it comes to presentation. So far I've been leaving that stuff mostly to the art team, but I feel like I really gotta start thinking about that stuff and trying to be all cinematic and shit like you do. I think I gotta start watching more movies in general, because what you learn from reading books doesn't really translate to videogames.

Anyways, good stuff,  and if I read the subtext correctly, it's good to see you make a game not about lesbians for a change.

al filo del sol if it was good

I was really enjoying the presentation but the game is actually unplayable on my laptop. It runs so incredibly bad that it's borderline uncontrollable, the mouse sensitivity is all kinds of fucked up and I wasn't able to fix it, and there's not even a reticle so I don't even know if I'm hitting the enemies or not. I think if it at ran at 20fps at minimum I'd be able to deal with the other 2 issues, but as it is I straight up can't play it.

BOCCHI MENTIONED???!?!?!?!!?!?!!

I actually quite enjoyed this little game. It's not perfect, there's issues with grammar, capitalization, punctuation, some ESL interference, and some technical issues, but I enjoyed it. Despite its faults, the game feels very personal, while the writing might not be the most complex from a technical point of view, it did succeed in making me feel, and I think that's more than enough.

The twist was nice and actually unexpected, though it would've been nice to drop some more hints throughout the story. I replayed it just to see if there was anything I missed, but while you succeeded in not spoiling the twist before the end, you just kind of didn't really interact with it at all until just before it happened.

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Man, this is so cool. It's a great example of showing not telling, even in only 15 minutes the worldbuilding manages to  get you to understand everything perfectly. The art is beautiful as always, and I always like the thing you do with the interactive objects in your renpy games. I feel like in a game or 2 it's just gonna be a full-on interactable adventure game and I'm all for it. 

I got all 4 endings, but with the whole "the game restarts, dw ;)" thing I thought there would be a secret ending, but I didn't finding (also, does chipping off the fleshy bit from the idol even do anything?)

Also, how come every one of your games always has an elf in it? Live a little, man! Maybe add an orc instead next time, lol.

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God motherfucking damn, what an amazing game, and I don't say that because I made the original Digital Exorcist. I want to qualify everything I'm about to say by explaining that I would feel the same way even if it wasn't part of the DE universe, and that I did not participate at all during its development (as a matter of fact, I thought it was gonna be a visual novel until it came out)
Just straight up kino. I mean the last game lall made was already kino as fuck, and this is even more so (though it isn't as funny as asuke box). The gameplay is amazing. I mean it's not as good as something like resident evil, but for something made in one month and change it's straight up amazing what you managed. It flows great, and all the problems I have with it (empty rooms, non-interactable objects, fucked up camera changes when I'M TRYING TO DODGE THE FUCKING LASER BEAM THE DEMON IS SHOOTING AT ME) are solely due to lack of time, and not bad game design. Honestly, the gameplay as it is, might just be as good as project D, if not better (since I don't even like parasite eve). Project D absolutely BTFO.

The art is awesome, and even in its unfinished state looks great, and I'd really like to see how it looks once it's done. I don't know how much of what is in-game where bought assets, but if they were, you managed to make them fit in seamlessly.

The only thing I can really complain about. It's a bit half-baked (there's literally no ending), and I feel the characters lack some... character to make them feel unique.  It also feels like you don't really understand much about what is going on and why, but that kind of worldbuilding can be added with the previously mentioned interactable objects, notes and computers. 

Just straight up awesome game. I can't believe you guys made this in just a month. You've really put me in a pickle here because I want to tell everyone I have ever known about this game, but it's just gonna look like I'm shilling my own game. I wish I could've spent my january working on this game instead of studying for fucking finals. 


Well, originally I ended my review here, but thinking about it for another minute, I don't think I can really rate it a 10/10 as it is right now, but rather that it will be a 10/10 when all the bugs are fixed and the content is added.

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A gruesome murder, a mysterious suicide, a shadowy internet cult.

While everyone is celebrating the coming of the new year 1999, retired Digital Exorcist Sawyer and his computerized partner Tomodachi run into a grisly scene that will make this jaded investigator remember all the old techniques he learned at the agency.

Travel into a world where cyberdemons live all around us in this Adventure Game/Visual Novel inspired by Snatcher and The Silver Case. 

Do you have what it takes to become a Digital Exorcist?


We really worked hard on this lil' game, so we'd love any feedback you guys got.

Man, the presentation is on point. The background and the music is perfect, the font and design of the podcast goes great with them, and I love the little window into this world.  Honestly, it left me wanting more.

Maybe this is a bit biased coming from the guy who did a (according to some people) way too long forum hunt in his game, but I absolutely love these sort of epistolary elements in games, and this one was very well made.

Great title, would've loved it if it was a bit longer, but I am well aware of the pitfalls of game development. Still,  hopefully next tugajam (or maybe even ludum dare) you can really show us what you're made of.

Damn, that was good. They say brevity is the soul of wit, and this game is proof of that. In something like 15 minutes it sets up an intriguing story with interesting characters, and manages to make the  player care about them. Perhaps it would've been nice to have a bit more time to flesh out these characters, but the game is fine as-is.

The 3d art, and by extension the gameplay I found to be quite nice. Usually voxel games give me an unfathomable sense of dread, but I really like how it came out in the end. All the art (2d and 3d) felt cohesive, even when it switches to first person (which I found to be very cool). The movement is a bit wonky, though I'm sure you're aware of that. 

The ending cutscene was excellent, and it really elevated the entirety of the game. It wouldn't have been as good without it.

Anyways, those were my ramblings. Great game.


God damn, that was great. I think this might be my favorite game of yours, ever.

Everything is just. Perfect. The writing, the setting, the art,  the music, the... UI? 

Even without the fancy 3d and cute girls and all that, this is honestly sublime, the way it all comes together, the art and the music just build upon the themes of the text, and it really makes you *feel*

I think that's it. More than any game you've ever written so far, this has made me FEEL. Maybe not having the cute girls and the 3d and the bells and whistles made you depend more on what you could achieve just by what you wrote. Maybe simplicity is best. I'm honestly glad you didn't have a 3d fps section. It's literally perfect as it is. I'm amazed at how much you've improved in these past few years.

If there is one single negative thing i can say about it, it's that perhaps the ending is a bit abrupt. I was kind of confused on my first playthrough, though upon replaying it I got it. There wasn't much to set up the regret she was feeling, but upon replaying it I did reread a couple of lines that could be reinterpreted with the ending in mind. Perhaps that was on purpose. Still, maybe it would've been a good idea to make her voice doubts about what she was doing a bit more before she does what she did. Or maybe not, who knows. I don't know if this is related to anything else you've done, but I think this world has a lot of potential. Of all the "agencies" you've written about, this one is the best.

Ten out of ten. (or five out of five I guess.

That was great, it's amazing what you managed to do with so little. Even those scrawlings got pretty spooky because they were completely unexpected.  it's basically playing with the concept of what a jam game is expected to be and I think that's pretty smart.

The girl is cute, as usual.

Some ESL issues here and there, but overall pretty good.

I'm getting the feeling that you had a lot less time to work on the game this time around, tbh I liked your previous game more (the brown elf one)

idk maybe I'm just racist and I prefer brown elf

Anyways you draw well as always

jugamos al 8 ball?


It was made in Adventure Game Studio. The engine is pretty old and kind of limited, but it's easy to use.  If you're just starting out, it's not a bad starting point.

Pretty good. I liked the characters, and the world sounds interesting. Looking forward to the full game.
If you're interested in feedback, the actual drink making feels pretty slow. It kind of sucks having to slowly scroll through each list by clicking the little arrow. Maybe dropdown choices? Some sort of visual interface with bottles and stuff? (though this might be a bit much for ren'py). 
If you're trying to make something resembling valhalla, the drink making should feel fast and punchy.
In any case, good luck!

Alright, maybe I'm fucked in the head, but all the grammar and punctuation mistakes were really distracting. I'd recommend using google docs to write the game so it corrects you as you write. God knows it's saved my bacon more than I can count.
Other than that, interesting story and excellent atmosphere. Really liked the music that rose in volume as the MC got more nervous, and the cool-ass cutscene at the end (which I accidentally skipped, you might want to disable that before you show it).
I really liked the schizo atmosphere, I guess now I know how basket feels every day.
If you polish it up, it's got a load of potential. You can do it fam.


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I'm gonna be honest, the first time I played it I didn't really get it. Maybe it's that the explanation of the character's motivation is interrupted by some dialogue and worldbuilding, or maybe it's the weird names that everything everyone has (Who knows, maybe if the town was called Coolsville instead of BLÅHAJ I would've made the connection).
In any case, after replaying I really understood it.  Pretty cool story, and I liked the gramphics.  The ending was good too, with the choice hidden until you mouse over it. What an original way to do dramatic timing. 
Bretty good game.

I've been playing Torment: Tides of Numenera, which has some text adventure segments. In my humble opinion, this game is better than a lot of them.
I just really fucking like the mechanic about learning the language. Maybe it's because I'm interested in languages IRL, but I *love* it when shit like that is in games, where you sort of slowly begin to understand an unknown language. 
In Planescape: Torment there was a certain race which spoke a different language, and there was a possible companion of that race. If you actually took the time to talk to him, chose the correct option and had enough wisdom, he could teach you his language. This meant that you could understand all those of that race. If you didn't know the language, the game would just tell you what motions they were making, but if you did you could basically listen in and gain a bunch of awesome stuff. I thought that was so fucking cool, like it felt so damn rewarding.
Obviously the mechanic in this game isn't as in depth as that, but I enjoyed the exploration and going back to the different carvings to see how you slowly began to understand more of them. And the usage of biblical references is actually good, and serves an actual purpose. 
This may be a bit controversial, but a lot of times I feel like the biblical references get a bit tiresome. Like, a lot of authors just add them because they think it's cool, like a kid saying "oh man, this is gonna be so awesome, I'm gonna add an among us reference to my game, it's gonna be so great" but instead it's a grown-ass man using the most fucking referenced book in the entirety of mankind.
But I didn't get that from this game. I liked that you didn't just do an EPIC Christian reference,  you actually use the babel myth as a jumping point to make your own story and (god forgive me for saying this) subvert it.
Well, the fact that I've written this whole schizo manifesto should tell you how much I liked this game. 
So yeah, good-ass game. Kino, if you will.
Also,  you might just have bought yourself a ticket to eternal suffering by mentioning The Lord's name in vain like a bajillion times. Good luck.


No but for real, nice art, cute waifus, fitting music. A very chill and comfy game. It's pretty refreshing to play this after playing raidio wave bureau and 1001 nights. 

I honestly don't know what to say, it's too damn polished. Doesn't even feel like a jam game.

Would recommend.





Really good, I love the different points of view, and how they come together in the end, though I did have to replay the game to understand who was who. 
I'm really impressed by how well you fleshed out the world and the characters without any actual telling. These little pieces of information, said in an entirely natural way for a person telling a story,  really make you build a picture inside your mind of the characters and the world.
I will say that it really needed some sort of music or atmospheric background sound. It feels very odd to play a game with absolutely no sound at all.

Damn good. Feels like an art film made into a videogame, or a "kino" as the kids would say. Liked the composition and the story, and the first person section was impressive.
I have a feeling you were trying to make the racist girl sound kind of crude/rude and informal, kind of like Kuroyanagi.  I noticed this almost at the end when I realized that she was speaking "street speak" ("You been" instead of "You have been", etc.). 
I can't exactly put my finger on why, but it didn't really come across well. Maybe it's because she doesn't look the part, but I think it's something else. Like she doesn't always act like Kuro, and it ends up being confusing. Maybe it's because she's a bit too nice sometimes? Like I couldn't figure out what exactly her character was.
Also, please stop making your characters say the word "cringe".

As far as I know I've only posted links to this page on the AGS forums, never a direct link to the file. Unless you mean something else.

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bruh the games are free

don't tell me you've been paying for them

>this shit pissed me off at my first playthrough when i realized that the game ended with you money getting drain by the goddamn fucking IRS and then get a free happy meal from a weeb lady

lmao thanks for the laugh mate

Very good

Just realized the title doesn't wrap, so you can't actually read 90% of it on the forum. God damnit.

Live a day in the life of an average Glitch Citizen, without any of the glamour of cinematic bartending.  Keep the machinery of capitalism running smoothly by cutting lemons, juicing lemons, washing dishes, and dealing with belligerent drunks. Being a wage slave has never been this fun.

Here it is:

That's the game this game was based on, it's pretty popular.

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You should play VA-11 HALL-A then, because they do.

I just fucking killed myself

so where's the fucking porn bro

Really fun (except the jungle level, fuck you) game with great gameplay, sick ass art and badass music. I really enjoyed my time with the game, even though I'm not familiar with the lore or characters. Also, I beat the final boss by standing behind a doorway and shooting him just out of his reach. 

Based game, 

Very nice and stylized art. The overall story is good, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. I understand this is your first time writing, but please stop making awful videogame references. Thank you. 

Overall a fun and enjoyable game, with characters that are almost interesting. Good job!