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Permafried Games

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hey thanks for playing. Main menu is too glitched, will fix lol. AI range is a tad longer but holding down shift and you can freely look around the level.( Forgot to add that in the controls menu.) Will ad a delay to their firing though. Thank you for your feedback. I may incorporate a cool down for the bullet time, haven't decided yet. I feel like it's so hard that it's the least I can do is give unlimited bullet time. Cheers!

Thank you so much! Appreciate you taking the time to check it out. Glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool.

though convenient for some, making a SoundCloud account for the sake of a jam is pointless.


you're playing in fastest quality. Play in fantastic quality.

Cheers! I did think about that and may revisit it for an update and some optimization. My tip for now is to follow the trail of body parts. Usually means you're on the right path. Thanks for playing.


Well written my friend! Cheers!

Hell yeah man! Looking forward to playing this.