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I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s probably too high if you have to bang your head. I originally had it happen without the player’s control and now there is a key command for it, and I forgot to up the chances of noclipping.

If you wanna wait a day or so, I’ll have a new update out with the first level shrunk down and up the chances of noclipping. should make searching for the missing researchers easier.

Thank you for the feedback.

did you try noclipping into the wall by holding down the N key while bumping into walls? 

glad you’re doing good bro! yeah the 3d aspect is a big selling point for me too. always wanted to make ps1 style games.

hey man! how have you been? I really want to mess with construct 3 and probably will soon. glad to hear you’re picking game dev up again! the fam is doing good.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The van bit is super janky :)

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i love this game. probably my favorite rpg maker game of all time.

i played this a long time ago.

Hey, those are great suggestions that I will start implementing immediately. Thanks for playing!

hey man, huge freaking fan over here 👈 Probably the scariest one yet next to Murder House. Superb work.

When crouched I found that the nun cannot hurt me though. Even being right up on her. 

Keep up the lovely work.

Happy Halloween!

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

No sorry, I don’t use it.

Thanks, glad you like it. I actually started working on a sequel that is not Halloween themed. 

thanks man! means a lot. Happy Halloween!

Thank you! Happy Halloween!

Thank you for the nice feedback.

Hey, there will probably not be another update on this.

in the midst of brainstorming ideas. ;)

I'm thinking about that. It's totally doable.

Deadeus community · Created a new topic Color palette

Pretty sure there is no black in the Gameboy color palette.

It's a fun little time waster that may evolve into a bigger game down the road.

Hey glad you liked it. Hotline Miami and Manhunt are definitely an influence for sure. yeah that was always an issue I had when debugging the movement, the clown would get stuck on corners. I think I can improve his collision box, and definitely will make him walk faster. I also want to improve the kill meter and Sprint meter, and maybe add some power-ups that randomly drop when you pop a balloon. There is currently only one ending, however I did think about having multiple endings. Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably start working on the update after I finish another project currently in the works. Cheers!

I just picked this up on Steam and I absolutely love this game already. 

Thanks for playing, I will watch this ASAP. Cheers!

Anyone else have issues uploading their game? been trying since last night. It's a zip file and under 1GB. I hate dropbox and don't want to use it.

Thank you so much! Appreciate you taking the time to check it out. Glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool.


Well written my friend! Cheers!

Hell yeah man! Looking forward to playing this.