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thanks, did it! Apparently the trick was really the early game (at least in my experience), you really need to start Q&A one week earlier.

By the way, the comment in Dev items that the last in-game CG for Dan works as double also for a 'secret' route is pretty interesting, I'm curious now!

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just to know, is there a score threshold that we have to meet with Dan when the branching decision appears? (which I guess it's when he's kicked out of Q&A)

(I'm asking because I thought I had done everything but apparently that conversation didn't have any meaningful consequences -unless I do something wrong in the early couple of weeks, I got a "not feeling confident to talk with Dan yet" on the 20th of January which makes me wonder if there's a possibility)

that's very useful, thanks!


first of all congratulations for the new game! I did two runs and it manages to keep the same atmosphere of YAGS with some shaking like the planner or new characters. Nice!

First a general question: are there hookups beyond the main routes? Also, I assume that you can't have only Nate or only Jake, but only as a throuple. Is that correct?

The main question is about Dan's route (hard mode). I have the feeling that there are a series of events that must happen in a specific order but I can't get the right one. Any hint? I also find it quite hard to raise Dan's friendship score (there are no regular actions like going to the gym with Malik). By the way, there is at a point where you can choose to have sex just with Dan or in threesome with Nate for the first time. I tried the first option thinking it would lead to more Dan route but I haven't seen further progress, so I was puzzled. Also, how's the libido affect Dan's route? I tried to keep it high avoiding the standard hookup to increase libido, but of course it means less Dan progression...

Thanks and great job again!

is this game abandoned? it's pretty much fun but it looks incomplete.

Also, is there a walkthrough? :)

sending positive thought and quick recovery!

hey, first of all, great game! I was not expecting to like it so much, and yet. 

I was wondering, what is the difference between telling all the details to the lumberjack versus omitting the most compromising ones, when you show him the pendant?

maybe a suggestion is that the page here could state more clearly which additional content you get from here with respect to the Patreon version

yes, I just mentioned one of the main ones but there are several weird cuts in the story (e.g. in chap. 7 you can go and meet Aiden and discuss with him like you know all the related storyline even in the case you've never interacted with either him or the other)

Hi, I love the game, thank you for making it! It's really well conceived and the story is fun and intriguing. 

There is one thing I noticed though, at the beginning of chapter 4; you wake up speaking like you know that Jeffrey is a [spoiler] even though you didn't follow him in the night. Am I missing something?

Also, I've got a couple of crashes, I've recorded where it happens, where I can send the info to you?


thanks for the answers! 1) and 2) make sense in fact, even though I would have enjoyed a "mid-way ending" in the Jake story for playing a character that likes Jake but feels restricted by his extreme shyness of physical things ;)

Looking forward to ZAGS!

Any chance to include CGs if sales are good or with a successful Kickstarter? :)

Yearning: A Gay Story community · Created a new topic fun

During my first run of Yearning I thought, that's the mirror image of Coming out on top, so I was proud with myself to read afterwards that it was the main inspiration for the game :D They are indeed very complementary, with COOT steering more towards comedy and wacky college movie (while at the same time keeping the various characters fun and sympathetic, not an easy task) and Yearning more rooted in reality. And I definitely appreciated the intertwining of the cast of characters till the end, it was bugging me that everyone basically disappears bar your love interest once you make the choice in COOT.

So I definitely enjoy Yearning, I did all four main paths (I can't bring myself to play it badly on purpose to get the bad endings, it sounds so sad!) and I don't know which one I'm favouring the most, maybe James's. But I admit I like how "free" is Dan's storyline, it's quite refreshing that you can play an open relationship (such games are usually "true love or nothing") -incidentally, I noticed that Dan's story is clearly way more explicitly written than the others (and not just for the content), that was a nice touch.

If I have to criticise something, I'd say the eyes of most characters, I think they're too small and too separate, giving most characters a slightly creepy look :D

I have questions, mostly for curiosity:

1) in one of the paths (I don't remember which one) there's a scene where you find Elliot in your room together with Adam and Carlos (with something strange going on between Elliot and Carlos?). What's the context of that scene? I don't seem to get it in other storylines...

2) I suppose the answer's no, but is there a way to "go Nate" in the Jake storyline, in the sense of agreeing to have a sex life separate from Jake while being together? 

3) How many threesome scenes can you get? :D I think I got Nate and Elliot (plus Dan obviously), plus the foursome. Anything else?

Thanks for the nice game! Is there margin for hope for a sequel?