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I played the new build and found it to be a definite improvement over the old build. I liked that it was simple and direct at first, and became more advanced as it continued on. The last level's pretty buggy though.

I encountered situations like this:

and like this:

I don't think you can beat it if you try to start with the dino nearest the boat, the boat won't recognize it. Still, that was pretty tense. I look forward to what comes next!

Yeppers! I beat the level before I tried hunting for bugs. If you stun the blue dino and collect it, then stun another dino while holding the blue dino you collect the new dino and the blue dino goes into one of the three slots of your inventory. If you get rid of what's on hand then you are back to holding blue dino, but then the boat it's supposed to be placed on doesn't register it, even if you stun blue dino again and once more place it on the boat.

I found the mission objective very intuitive, actually. Well done with such an open world and no in-game explanation!

RoboVDino community » Bugs · Created a new topic Collecting Bugs

If you "collect" the blue dino in your inventory it's impossible to win. The ship doesn't detect him. The same doesn't seem to be true of the red dino. Also, some dinos get a red x if you try to put them on the wrong ship, but some dinos don't (one of the greens, I think).

Throwing a blue or red dino at the bottom of the deep blue causes them to become to stuck!