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ok radical ty!

Hey, the book references a character sheet, but I don't see one in the book itself or as a separate file here on itch. is there an official character sheet for the game?

same here!

ok thank you! I'm not sure if I'll get it now or wait for kickstarter, but I'll for sure get it as I've been interested in it for a little while now.

Hi, I have a couple questions. Firstly, do you know if there's any ETA for the kickstarter? I ask because I've been taking sidelong glances at this game for a while now, but since it says that the ks backers will get more stuff (the extra splats) I've wanted to just wait for that and I was wondering if there's a time for it currently planned. Which leads into my second question of if I were to get it now, would there be some kind of upgrade tier for the ks just to get the extra splats/other new stuff, as I don't think I'd need 2 digital copies of the game (unless this one specifically is just the playtest version and won't be updated to the final, post ks version w all the extra art and editing and everything)

ok great thank you!

where exactly is the zip file? im not seeing it on here anywhere or is it somewhere else?